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8 Keto Starbucks Drinks to Try

Have your Starbucks and stick to keto, too! We found great ideas for keto Starbucks drinks that will work within the bounds of a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle.

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Brewed CoffeeCourtesy Starbucks

Brewed Coffee

0g net carbs

You can’t go wrong sticking to the most basic of Starbucks drinks: a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. Your carb-free options include the Pike Place Roast, the blonde roast and the dark roast.

Find low-carb food to order at Starbucks, too.

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Keto White Drink

11g net carbs

You won’t find this drink on a Starbucks menu, but it tastes like peach cobbler and keeps carbs low. Ask for an unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea with a splash of heavy cream, two to four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, no water and light ice.

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Low-Carb London FogMckyartstudio/Getty Images

Low-Carb London Fog

15g net carbs

Make a classic London Fog more keto-compliant by replacing the steamed milk and high-sugar syrup. Just ask for an Earl Grey tea with a shot of heavy whipping cream and a pump of sugar-free syrup. That’s it!

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Skinny MochaAlxeyPnferov/Getty Images

Skinny Mocha

1g net carbs

Swap out milk and mocha sauce to turn a standard Starbucks mocha into a keto-friendly treat. Order a mocha with “skinny mocha sauce” and ask for half heavy cream and half water instead of milk.

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Low-Carb Flat WhiteCourtesy Starbucks

Low-Carb Flat White

10g net carbs

Replace the usual steamed milk of a flat white with half heavy cream and half hot water, and you’ve got a lower-carb version of this Starbucks classic. This guide has more info about eating fast-foot on the keto diet.

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Low-carb starbucks pink drinkCourtesy @vivee.goes.keto/instagram

Low-Carb Pink Drink

10g net carbs

If you’re one of the many fans of the classic Starbucks Pink Drink, make it keto with a few simple swaps. Go ahead and order the tall Pink Drink, but ask for heavy cream and sugar-free syrup.

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Unsweetened Iced TeaCourtesy Starbucks

Unsweetened Iced Tea

0g net carbs

Make your Starbucks iced tea keto-compliant by ordering it unsweetened. Get all of the refreshment with none of the carbs! You can also ask for a few pumps of sugar-free syrup to sweeten the brew a bit.

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Unsweetened Iced CoffeeChris Hondros/Getty Images

Unsweetened Iced Coffee

0g net carbs

While a Starbucks iced coffee comes sweetened by default, you can cut the carb count by asking for yours unsweetened. Or, if you aren’t ready to start drinking your iced coffee black, simply ask for a pump or two of sugar-free syrup. Don’t miss all our healthy Starbucks drink ideas!

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