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23 April Fool’s Day Foods Your Kids Will Love

Show your kids you have a healthy sense of humor with these April Fool's Day foods and treats. Whether it's a cake that's actually meatloaf or taco casserole with googly eyes, your family will dig in with lots of giggles.

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Meat Loaf Cake For Two Exps147599 Thhc2377559a12 07 2bc Rms 2

Meat Loaf Cake for Two

Creamy whipped potatoes atop tender beef patties are the makings of a practically perfect food—or, better yet, a perfect practical joke. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Edible Juice

I've faked so many different types of drinks with this basic recipe. Just replace the juice with anything you want to make solid, like soda or milk! —Crystal Bruns, Iliff, Colorado
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April Fool Meatball Sub Exps Ft19 89950 F 1029 1 4

April Fool Meatball Sub

Do you have a fun-loving family that appreciates food pranks? Give ’em a "gotcha" they’ll never forget. This sub features a bun made from pound cake, and the meatballs are really ice cream. It’s as fun to make as it is to eat. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Ham N Cheese Spiders Exps Sdon17 32546 C07 06 7b 10

Ham 'n' Cheese Spiders

These crawling sandwiches are sure to scare up some fun at meal time! Kids really enjoy eating the spider-shaped sandwiches. —Kendra Barclay, De Kalb, Illinois
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Goblin Eyeballs Exps32845 Uh2464847b10 03 2bc Rms 2

Goblin Eyeballs

Our home economists had great vision when creating these devilish deviled eggs. Family and friends will be “goblin,” them up! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Feet Loafs

If Bigfoot pays a visit, treat him to a larger-than-life meal. This “feet loaf” tastes just like your favorite home-style meatloaf. It will have enormous appeal with believers and nonbelievers alike. —Susan Seymour, Valatie, New York
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Cauliflower Popcorn

Roasting cauliflower transforms it into a delectable snack. Your family will eat it up just like it's popcorn. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Snowy Pinecones Exps Cbz16 197429 D05 20 7b 4

Snowy Pine Cones

Pull out each goldfish graham and dip it into the soft center to snack on these pine cones. There's nothing more fun or creative on the cookie table this year! —Betty MacArthur, Portland, Oregon
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Snakewich with Venom Sauce

This sandwich shaped like a snake is tasty and a scary good centerpiece. —Suzanne Clark, Phoenix, Arizona
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Sunny-Side-Up Dessert

My boys love this sweet take on eggs and toast. To make the "egg yolk," you can use all sorts of fruit, or even vanilla or butterscotch pudding. —Crystal Jo Bruns, Iliff, Colorado
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Firecracker Float Exps137173 Th1999636b03 30 2b Rms 6

Firecracker Float

Thanks to Pop Rocks candy, these frozen drinks will literally make your mouth tingle with great flavor! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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April Fools Cake Exps33186 W101973175b07 06 1b Rms 4

April Fools' Cake

This recipe is so easy to put together, and it's so tasty it will be requested more than just on April Fool's Day! —Julie Foltz, Newport News, Virginia
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Peanut Butter Mice

With their red licorice tails, candy noses and peanut ears, these chewy “mice” were always a hit at classroom parties. My children are in their teens now, but they still ask me to make these cookies. —Nancy Rowse, Bella Vista, Arkansas
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Burger Cookies

My husband loves peppermint patties, and our son is crazy for vanilla wafers. So I put the two together to make a cool cookie that looks just like a burger. Both my guys give the recipe a thumbs-up! —Julie Wellington, Youngstown, Ohio
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Exps33917  Uh142930b03 26 4b 2

Pizza for Dessert

At first glance, people might think this colorful "pizza" is a savory snack. But truth comes in the tasting! Kids get a kick out of the fun candy toppings.—Sandy Gibbons, Ocean Park, Washington
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Eyeball Taco Salad Exps Sdon17 30046 C07 06 4b 2

Eyeball Taco Salad

Topped with creepy peepers, this tasty taco salad is packed with beef, cheese, tomato and satisfying southwestern flavor to make everyone in your freaky family happy. —Jolene Young, Union, Illinois
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Candy Onion Rings Exps89951 Sd1999447d12 16 3b Rms 4

Candy "Onion" Rings

Fool even the most seasoned foodie with this basket of “onion” rings. Graham cracker crumbs coat Twizzlers to create the illusion of deep-fried goodness. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Li L Lips Exps41018 Th132767c05 03 2bc Rms 2

Li'l Lips

My kids just loved helping put the marshmallow "teeth" between the apple slices when I made these years ago. I usually made them with red apples but green apples would be a playful alternative. —Agnes Ward, Stratford, Ontario
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Exps33243 Uh153291c04 29 7b 6

Eyeball Cookies

All eyes will definitely be on these adorable cookies when they’re set on any buffet table. I created them for my son’s kindergarten class. —Sherry Lee, Columbus, Ohio
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Exps47062 Cw1794336d48a Web 8

Kids' Sushi

I’ve taken these fun mock sushi rolls to picnics and parties and served them at home with an Asian dinner. Kids always enjoy the bite-sized treats. —Lorri Reinhardt, Big Bend, Wisconsin
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Eyeball Subs Exps159158 Uh2464847c03 08 2bc Rms 3

Eyeball Subs

Add sliced pimiento-stuffed olives to the top of your meatballs and dinner will be looking at you. The sauce even makes it look bloody! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I created this recipe based on our family's love of chocolate-dipped ice cream cones. Red heart-shaped sprinkles make them fun for Valentine's Day. Vary the color to match the occasion. —Jennifer Gilbert, Brighton, Michigan
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Exps178139 Uh153291d05 01 4b 4

Spider Sliders

We're always trying to do fun things with food to make meals memorable. Better grab one of these sandwiches before it walks away! —Frank Millard, Edgerton, Wisconsin

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