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12 Kitchen Cleaning Products That Make Chores Good, Clean Fun

These kitchen cleaning products will bring a smile to your face and a shine to your dishes.

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Every so often, I get the urge to give the kitchen a good cleaning. (Who doesn’t love the smell of citrus in a clean kitchen?) The other 99 out of 100 times, I need an extra nudge. A touch of whimsy is sometimes enough motivation to get the job done!

Here are 13 adorable products designed to make you want to clean.

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Dish Brush Doll

Looking for a willing partner to get those crusty pots and pans or skinny pitchers clean and shiny? This enthusiastic scrubber ($16) just volunteered. With her help, you’re ready to mess up a baking dish with the cheesiest recipes we’ve ever made.

Purchase here.

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Mop Slippers

I dare you not to laugh as you’re scooting around the floor in these mop slippers ($12). You’ll want to have the whole family cleaning while they scuffle around the house! (Since you’ve gotten that extra cardio in, you deserve a decadent slice of pie.)

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Latex Gloves

Can you make a fashion statement while cleaning the sink? Absolutely! Start scrubbing in style with these floral-accented latex gloves ($11).

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Microwave Cleaner

Hate a sticky, dirty microwave? Not as much as she does. This Angry Mama ($9) loosens the yuck by heating up vinegar and water. After the fun of watching her get steamed, you can easily wipe it all clean.

Purchase here.

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Fridge Deodorizer

The Angry Mama has a sister named Chilly Mama ($14) and she hates a stinky fridge. Fill her with baking soda and she’ll keep those strong food odors at bay all day. So go ahead and make our most aromatic garlic recipes—Chilly Mama has got you covered.

Purchase here.

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Crumb Brush

Who wants to brush crumbs from the table? You’ll make the time when you get to unleash this cute wooden hedgehog table brush ($17). It’s made of horse hair and loves to feast on the messy bits of baked sweets—like a Cranberry Crumb Cake.

Purchase here.

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Two-Sided Scrub Brushes

They’re probably not meant to, but these two-sided scrub brushes ($12) look like alligators hungry to clean. They’ll make a meal out of your dirty pots and flatware. The eggs stuck on your forks won’t stand a chance!

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Flower Dish Brush

Have a sink full of dishes? Look on the bright side and bust out this hot pink floral dish brush ($11). Since it will make quick work of the dishes, use the extra time to freshen up your kitchen.

Purchase here.

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Fruit Scrubbers

Fruit—it’s not JUST for salad anymore. With these bright, fruit-shaped scrubbers (3 for $10), you’ll have the juice to clean anything and everything in your kitchen. They’re 100% polyester, non-scratch, won’t mildew like dish clothes or sponges and should last forever.

Purchase here.

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Scrub Daisy

Can you have too many flowers in the garden or the kitchen? Never. This tall posy is a perfect willowy dish brush ($11) for keeping the glassware clean. (Don’t make these 7 mistakes when you’re washing dishes!)

Purchase here.

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Hand Soap

Sometimes a pleasant, familiar smell can take you away. This scented hand soap ($11) will take your mind to the lake house while your body’s mopping the floor or wiping down the fridge. Keep the virtual vacation going with waffles for breakfast.

Purchase here.

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Kitchen Apron

Lean into that lack of enthusiasm for chores with a colorful sloth apron ($19). It’ll keep the suds off of your duds while you slooooowly wipe down the counters. Keep up the poky pace and you’ll be done at about the same time as your amazing slow cooker dinner.

Purchase here.

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