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25 Insanely Clever Accessories That Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Does walking into your kitchen stress you out? Fear not! We've rounded up some useful organizing accessories that will get any kitchen in tip-top shape.

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Homeries Dispenser Refrigerator Countertop Cabinetsvia

Can Drink Holder

Rid your fridge of cardboard containers with this handy can holder. The BPA-free plastic containers come in a pack of two, four or six, each of which holds nine cans each, meaning there’s plenty of room for a whole 12 or 24 pack of beverages. By the way, these are the best canned alcoholic drinks of 2021.

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Luxear Produce Veggie Storage Containersvia

Produce Storage Containers

Keep fresh berries, greens and other produce from spoiling early with this pack of produce storage containers. The bins have an adjustable vent and drainer to circulate air and whisk excess water away. Plus, these produce bins let you condense your fruits and veggies so your fridge isn’t full of plastic bags or clamshell containers. Check out these fridge organization ideas you probably haven’t seen before.

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Taozun Adhesive Paper Towel Holdervia

Paper Towel Holder

Free up some counter space thanks to this mounted paper towel holder. Simply peel the backing of the attached adhesive strip and stick the holder on your wall or under a cabinet. That’s it! Here are some more ways to get the most of your counter space.

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Yihong Organizer Refrigerator Organization Seasoningvia

Food Packet Organizer Bins

If you have a bunch of seasoning packets or instant grains, these packet bins are a must. Compact, skinny and stackable these bins can fit into tight spaces in your pantry and help keep them organized by type or flavor. Take a look at these other pantry storage containers that we love.

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Simplehouseware Expandable Organizer Silver Expandvia

Under Sink Organizer

We’re willing to bet that the space under your sink could use some organizing. This two-tier shelving unit expands to your cabinet size, has moveable panels to account for plumbing and makes the most of vertical space that would otherwise go to waste. That’s not all, these kitchen storage ideas will make the most of your space, too.

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Upspace Bottle Organizervia

Water Bottle Organizer

Reusable water bottles are one of the most common reusable items that will save you money, but a family’s worth of water bottles can get hectic. This water bottle organizer can store about nine water bottles or travel mugs horizontally, so everyone can easily grab their bottle without having to hunt around a cabinet or shelf.

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Interdesign Kitchen Organizer Silverware Spatulasvia

Drawer Compartments

Prevent spatulas, tongs and whisks from rolling around your utensil drawer with a compartment box. The 6”x15” box is long enough to hold whatever tools you have, while skinny enough to fit a flatware organizer in your drawer.

This is how Marie Kondo organizes flatware.

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Sorbus Wall Mount Holds Bottlesvia

Mounted Wine Rack

If you have an overflowing bar cart, it’s time to invest in a wall-mounted wine rack. This rack holds up to nine bottles and has a minimal design so it won’t look bulky in your kitchen. Just be sure to use sturdy screws and anchors when installing.

By the way, this is the correct way to store wine at home.

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Kitchen Details Lid Organizer In Greyvia

Lid Organizer

Say goodbye to searching all over your kitchen for a pot or pan lid. This lid organizer keeps all your lids in one place and holds them upright so they don’t get dented or scratched. You’ll want to read up on these organization tips from the pros.

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Youcopia 50244 Shelfbin 3 Tier Organizervia

Snack Bin

Your little ones won’t have to search high and low for an after-school snack with this snack bin. The compartments have plenty of room for granola or protein bars, fruit snacks, fruit pouches, candy and more. Just keep the bin on your counter or a lower shelf in your pantry for easy access. Check out our picks for the best healthy snacks you can buy.

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Egg Storage Unit

Everyone’s been in this situation: You go to the store in the morning to buy some eggs, but your significant other also picked some up on the way home from work. Maybe you forgot you had a few leftover, and the next thing you know an entire shelf in your fridge is full of egg cartons. Put all of your eggs in one basket—er, we mean container. This egg holder can hold up to 34 eggs; plus it’s super durable, so your eggs will never crack.

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Tea Stand

Calling all tea-lovers who are fit for tea time with the Queen, If your drawers are full of tea bags, you can free up some space and find your favorite one pronto. All you need is this nifty tea bag organizer.  It holds over 100 individual packets, making it easy to find the perfect one, no matter how many you have on hand. You can even remove the trays to sort through all of your teas.

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Reusable Produce Bags, Washable Mesh Bags for Fruits and Vegetables, Set of 5 - Flip and Tumblevia

Mesh Produce Bags

These mesh bags are your next kitchen necessity. Take them to the store with you and use them as an alternative to plastic produce bags. If you’re one to leave fruit out on the counter, leave it in these bags. They let the fruit breathe while protecting them from fruit flies and other pesky pests! They’re color-coded so you can stay organized. Oh, and they’re washable, too! Here are some more household items that should be reusable.

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Grip Clip Spice Strips

Spice racks. cabinets, drawers or shelves can all get out of hand fast. And sometimes it can put an entire meal on hold. This spice holder has revolutionized spice storage. You can alter the strips to fit your unique space. The strips can stick or screw to the surface of your choosing. Then you just pop the bottle into a grip clip. You’ll be able to see everything at once, see how much you have and put it back where you want it. If your pantry is in worse shape than your spice cabinet, try some of these pantry organization hacks.

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Mountable Mug Hooks

Everyone loves mugs, and over the years you are sure to accumulate quite the collection. Don’t fret about paring them down just yet. Find a cute and functional mug organizer, like this modern set of geometric hooks. Hooks not only free up cabinet space, but put your most prized cups on display. When they’re not crammed together, they’re less likely to crack. It’s a win-win!

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Tiered Corner Shelves

Triple your shelf space with these clever tiered corner shelf racks. Separate plates by size, color or simply make more space for yourself. We love that this rack nestles into the corner of the cabinet and it doesn’t slide around.

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Can Caddy

Whether you stock up on soup or soda, there’s probably a pile of cans just waiting to topple over somewhere in your kitchen. Spare yourself the hassle of scooping up dented cans or wiping up splattered beans and pick up a can caddy. Lay your cans in the caddy so you can grab what you need and sort them however you’d like. You can use one for veggies and one for soups, or you can organize everyone’s soda flavors. Do you have more cans than you know what to do with? We rounded up delicious (and easy!) recipes to make with canned food.

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Pan Rack

Are your pans taking over your kitchen? Consolidate them via this handy pan rack. The handles stick out one end, so they’re easy to grab. When it’s time to put them away you can completely avoid rearranging your entire kitchen just to get something to fit. If you’re not a fan of breaking out more than one pan at a time, browse through our favorite one-pan recipes.

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Sink Caddy

There’s nothing worse than a gross and grimy sponge. If they’re floating in the bottom of your sink that’s exactly what you’ll get— gross! But, if you utilize a sink caddy you can keep all of your sponges in one spot, and avoid getting them dirtier than they need to be. Using a sink caddy also helps sponges last longer. Your sponges may do most of your cleaning, but do you clean your sponges?

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Airtight Food Storage Container Set 1via

Airtight Containers with Labels

Most kitchens are stocked with dry goods. We all know that the boxes they come in don’t always last, or sometimes just are not conducive to tighter spaces. These airtight stackable containers save you space, time and ultimately money since they keep your food fresh! They even come with chalkboard-style labels so you can write down what’s inside, or the date it expires.

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Pan and Board Holder

Pans are essential for any master chef, and we love having plenty on hand. There’s only one problem: they tend to slide around. That (plus their different sizes) can make them hard to store. That’s what makes this pan and board holder so helpful. Just hang it over a closet or cabinet door and slide your muffin tin, cookie sheet, pizza pan and cutting board into one convenient spot.

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mDesign Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Holder or BasketmDesign via Amazon

Over-the-Door Bag Basket

If you keep plastic bags instead of just tossing them in the recycling bin, then you know that they accumulate fast. Instead of taking up precious cabinet space, hang an over-the-door basket on the inside of your pantry. You’re able to stuff 50 bags in there! There’s also a hole in the middle you can grab them from without the risk of ripping them up when you need them. Now that you’re off to a good start by finding a spot for those grocery bags, it’s time to declutter the rest of your kitchen.

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Mdesign Turntable Refrigerator Countertops Condimentsvia

Portable Turntable

Lazy Susans are one of the most underrated kitchen hacks, but they’re a classic that’s sure to stay. However, every classic can get an upgrade. This portable turntable gets set on your counter or hidden away in a cabinet and holds an array of bottles, cans or just about anything else. You can spin your food around while you search for something instead of rearranging everything you own.

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mDesign Food Storage Lid Organizer for Kitchen CabinetmDesign via Amazon

Food Storage Lid Organizer

We don’t know if anyone truly has all of their plastic containers perfectly organized, but this lid organizer is sure to help! It’ll at least make it easier to find the matching lid when you’re putting away leftovers. Now that you can find your container tops, read up on how to store food the right way.

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Adjustable Wrap Stand

Cling wrap, tin foil and freezer bags, oh my! Keep the essentials tidy with a wrap stand. Slide those cardboard boxes into the grips and watch as your life gets that much easier. This one is adjustable, so no matter the sizes or amount of wraps you have, this can work for you. Next, read up on these kitchen organizers that will change your life.

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