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25 Laundry Room Decor Ideas That Are Functional and Stylish

From mounted drying racks to the cutest art prints, these laundry room ideas will spark joy in your home. I teamed up with Stacey Genaw, Taste of Home Set Stylist to find you the best and brightest decor pieces on the market.

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Signature Laundry CollectionVia BlushApothecaries/

Laundry Jars

Store dryer balls, laundry pods and other laundry essentials in these stylish laundry jars. Clear jars look much cleaner on the counter than an assortment of branded bags stuffed away in your cabinets. And with this set from Etsy, can not only customize the size of your jar, but the waterproof label, too.

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Clean And Dirty Reversible Sign Via

Clean and Dirty Reversible Sign

Here’s a laundry room decor item that is the perfect balance of functional and stylish. Place this reversible laundry room sign on your counter, a floating shelf above the washer or near your hamper to keep track of your loads. This is a must for larger families who rotate in and out of the laundry room frequently.

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Metal Magnetic Lint BinVia Calindiana/

Lint Bin

Lint bins are a laundry room must-have. We love that you can mount this one to the wall or attach it magnetically to the dryer itself. When you’re ready to get rid of it, just lift the lid and dump it into the trash.

(Did you know you can use dryer lint in your backyard and garden?)

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Laundry Art Prints Via letteredandlined/

Laundry Art Prints

These laundry art prints serve as both a pretty gallery wall and reminders when you need a refresher on the different types of laundry symbols. You can purchase this print set in multiple sizes and background colors to match the style of your laundry room.

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Galvanized Laundry Drying RackVia

Galvanized Laundry Drying Rack

Contrary to popular belief, drying racks don’t need to take up a large amount of space in your laundry room. You can attach this drying rack right onto your wall for easy access. When not in use, it makes for a pretty farmhouse decoration.

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Walnut Floating ShelVia UltraShelf/

Floating Shelf

Floating shelves have become quite a laundry room staple in recent years—probably due to the fact that they look stunning above a washer and dryer. They’re great for adding a bit of customizable flair, like framed art or home decor knick-knacks, to sterile laundry rooms. And depending on the size, you can also store laundry jars, soap dispensers and detergent on them as well.

We love these walnut floating shelves from Etsy because they come in countless sizes and depths.

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Washer And Dryer DecallVia KoalaPrintworks/

Washer and Dryer Decals

Who says you can’t add stickers to your washer and dryer? Dress them up with these washer and dryer decals to add some fun to your laundry room. These guys are easy to peel off if you want to swap for another style down the road.

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The Quick BenchVia

Folding Table

If you’ve got a smaller laundry room and you’re tired of hauling your hamper throughout your house to fold, try installing a folding table next to your dryer. This table can collapse for extra space in your laundry room and don’t worry, it’ll never collapse while you’re folding—it can hold up to 500 pounds!

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Here are 5 cleaning tricks for people who don’t like to fold laundry.

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Laundry Sorter Bag Via

Laundry Sorter Bag

Everyone needs a laundry sorter bag in their lives. You’ll never have to pick through your darks, lights and delicates ever again with this bag. Better yet, you can wheel this bag to your laundry room with ease.

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Customizable Laundry SignVia HangerFrames/

Customizable Laundry Sign

Hanging a customized laundry sign will give your laundry room a personal touch. This one hangs beautifully on a wooden hanger frame that you can stain in a wide variety of colors like walnut and aged oak.

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Laundry Room RunnerVia

Laundry Room Runner

The laundry room is a highly trafficked area, make sure you’ve got a floor runner that keeps your household from slipping and sliding. They also provide a cushy surface to stand on when loading and folding. Bonus: This runner matches the customized laundry sign above!

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Laundry Soap DispensersVia ChurchStDesigns/

Laundry Soap Dispensers

Have laundry soap, fabric softener and bleach at the ready with a pump-able dispenser. Similar to the laundry jars, these clear gallon bottles give your laundry room a luxurious feel. You can also purchase these dispensers with a cap if you’d prefer to pour.

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Medium Elevated Canvas Laundry Basket With Wheels Via

Canvas Wheeled Laundry Basket

Wheel heavy laundry loads and towels in this large laundry basket from Pottery Barn. Use the wooden top to fold laundry on before you put the next load in.

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Colored Wool Dryer BallsVia

Colored Wool Dryer Balls

Replace your go-to fabric softener with natural dryer balls. Each one is specially made of 100% New Zealand wool. Most dryer balls on the market are pretty uniform in color, but we love how The Container Store’s are vibrant and full of fun colors like yellow and pink.

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Laundry Organization Set Via

Laundry Organization Set

Hello, expert organizer! If your laundry room is in need of a complete reset, this laundry organization set is just the thing for you. Complete with hanging shelves, a drying rack and hanging laundry bag, this set has it all. It’s also modular meaning that it can fit within any space, large or small.

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Dryer Sheet Boxvia

Dryer Sheet Box

Keep dryer sheets within reach. Use this acrylic tissue box as a dryer sheet box. Since this one is clear and simple, it’ll fit in with any home decor style.

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Black And White Rug Via

Black and White Rug

Separate darks and lights while standing on this cozy rug. The Hudson stripe rug is unique because you can detach the decorative rug cover and throw it right in the wash to clean up any stains or dirt. If you’re not digging the black and white, this rug comes in other colors like indigo, stone and red.

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Floating Laundry Bag And HolderVia

Floating Laundry Bag and Holder

Give yourself more wiggle room by hanging your laundry bag on the wall. This laundry decor item is essential for those whose laundry rooms are on the smaller side. Snag one floating laundry bag or grab three if you like to keep your loads separated.

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Ironing Board OrganizerVia

Ironing Board Organizer

Keep all your ironing needs in one spot with this smart ironing board organizer. Hang your ironing board on the metal hooks and place your iron and steamer in the basket above. You can install this organizer right onto any wall with its easy-to-use hardware.

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Laundry Storage CartVia

Laundry Storage Cart

Tuck a compact laundry storage cart in between your washer and dryer for easy access to your go-to laundry essentials. With three wide and tall storage baskets, you can fit larger items like laundry detergent bottles with ease.

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Collapsible Laundry BasketVia

Collapsible Laundry Basket

Most laundry baskets take up major space in your laundry room or closet, but this laundry basket collapses to save you the extra space. (And if you want to get technical, you’ll be saving over 70% of storage space. Crazy!) This basket also features comfortable grip handles that’ll make traveling around the house a breeze.

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Lost Socks Clothespin Signvia

Lost Socks Clothespin Sign

Keep track of pesky misplaced socks with this clothespin sign. Even without a pair hung up, this laundry decor item is cute as can be. Follow this laundry trick to never lose track of a sock ever again.

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Mini Garbage CanVia

Mini Garbage Can

Sure, a garbage can might not be on the top of your wish list when searching for laundry items that’ll vamp up your space. But this mini garbage can will make your life a whole lot easier. When you’re ready to take out the trash, just press on the hands-free foot pedal and grab the trash bucket handles for easy removal.

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 Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter Via

Hanging Planters

Got a green thumb? Plant real or fake plants to bring life to your laundry room with these hanging planters. Start with these houseplants.

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Galvanized WashboardVia


There isn’t anything more classic than a vintage washboard hung up in the laundry room. Remove it from the wall if your clothes need a good scrub on its galvanized steel surface.

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