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12 Ways to Use Up a Box of Matzo (During Passover or Any Time)

Whether you're keeping kosher for Passover or just have some extra matzo on hand, these matzo recipes for Passover will help you use up that half-eaten box.

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Matzo Brei

One of the most beloved Passover recipes, matzo brei (pronounced like “fry”) is made with dampened matzo, beaten eggs and milk. You can serve matzo brei in one big piece or scrambled.

(Here’s the difference between matzo, matzo meal and matzo farfel.)

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A piece of matzo pizza for Passover.chameleonseye/Getty Images

Matzo Pizza

Use a piece of matzo to make your own personal pizza! Slather on a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce, add a handful of shredded cheese and top with your favorite veggies, then bake them until the cheese melts.

Different recipes recommend different temperatures and cook times, but this Margherita matzo pizza recipe from Jamie Geller, the author of one of our favorite Jewish cookbooks, recommends baking for five minutes at 400°.

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Matzo Almond Crunch

One of the most popular Passover dessert recipes is called matzo toffee or chocolate-covered matzo. This Almond Crunch recipe is topped with slivered almonds, but you could use sea salt, dried fruit, pecans or pistachios.
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A piece of spinach matzo mina on a plate.Courtesy Hannah Kaminsky, Vegan Atlas

Minas (Matzo Pies)

Matzo pies, known as minas, are a traditional Passover dish for many Sephardic Jews in places like Turkey, Greece, Spain and parts of Africa. This vegan spinach and potato matzo recipe from Nava Atlas of The Vegan Atlas blog is based on traditional minas recipes and uses a creamy blend of cashews and avocados instead of cheese.

(Learn more about Passover traditions from around the world.)

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A plate of baklava bimuelos for Passover.Courtesy of Samantha Ferraro

Passover Baklava Bimuelos

Bimuelos are doughy fried balls that are often considered a Hanukkah food, but you can make them with matzo for Passover. Food writer and cookbook author Samantha Ferraro makes her mother’s baklava bimuelos for Passover. Made with crushed matzo, eggs and spices, they’re fried and covered in rose water syrup and a layer of ground pistachios.

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A piece of herbed matzo and walnut-crusted chicken on a plate.Courtsey of California Walnut Board

Matzo and Walnut Crusted Chicken

Just as you might use breadcrumbs or crushed crackers to coat fried chicken, you can use crushed matzo, like in this herbed matzo and walnut crusted chicken recipe from the California Walnut Board. Similarly, you could substitute matzo for crackers in other recipes that use crackers.

Try these other chicken recipes for Passover, too!

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Chocolate matzo cake for PassoverCourtsey of Natalie Levin

Chocolate Matzo Cake

This layered chocolate matzo cake comes from Israeli baker and writer Natalie Levin of the blog, Lil’ Cookie. With pieces of softened matzo sandwiched between thick layers of homemade chocolate ganache, how can you go wrong? She tops the cake with white chocolate shavings, but you could also use nuts, coconut or other toppings.

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Matzo mac and cheese for Passover.Courtesy of Abbe Odenwalder

Matzo Mac and Cheese

Pasta is off the menu during Passover, but you can get your favorite comfort food fix with this matzo mac and cheese recipe from food blogger Abbe Odenwalder of This Is How I Cook. This dish would make a great lunch or dinner as part of your weeklong Passover meal plan.

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A plate of "matza-quiles" (chilaquiles made with matzo) for Passover.


Inspired by Mexican chilaquiles, this matza-quiles recipe comes from food writer Emily Paster of the cooking blog, West of the Loop. A breakfast dish, it combines softened matzo, eggs, salsa, avocado, cheese, onions and cilantro.

(For another Passover breakfast option, try these Passover Bagels!)

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Vegetarian matzo lasagna for PassoverCourtsey of Abbey Sharp

Matzo Lasagna

Similar to matzo minas, this vegetarian matzo lasagna recipe from registered dietician and food writer Abbey Sharp is made with layers of matzo, sauce and cheese. Paired with a red kosher wine and a fresh salad, it makes for a satisfying Passover dinner.

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A pan of matzo granola for Passover.Courtsey of Sheri Silver

Matzo Granola

Oats aren’t kosher for Passover, so this matzo granola recipe from blogger Sheri Silver is a great breakfast alternative. It calls for almonds, pecans, coconut, figs and dates, but you could use any of your favorite nuts and dried fruit.

Editor’s tip: Use walnuts and dried apples for charoset-inspired granola!

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A plate of matzo kugelCourtesy of Chelsey Amer

Matzo Kugel

Kugel is a popular Jewish food for many holidays, but it’s typically made with noodles. This sweet Passover apple kugel recipe from nutritionist Chelsey Amer is made with matzo instead, making it perfect for a Passover Seder meal.

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