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25 McAlister’s Deli Copycat Recipes

Now you can get your baked potato and sweet tea fix at home. We have copycat recipes for all of your McCalister's Deli favorites.

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Inspired by: Spud OléTaste of Home

Inspired by: Spud Olé

This is a stuffed potato with a twist. Teenagers like the flavor the green chiles and cheese add.

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Inspired by: Lemonade Tea Taste of Home

Inspired by: Lemonade Tea

I have always loved iced tea with lemon, and this irresistible thirst-quencher takes it one step further. The lemonade gives this refreshing drink a nice color, too. —Gail Buss, New Bern, North Carolina

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Inspired by: French Dip Taste of Home

Inspired by: French Dip

When I want to impress company, these satisfying sandwiches are my first pick for the menu. I serve them with the cooking juices in individual bowls for easy use. —Florence Robinson, Lenox, Iowa

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Best Ever Potato Soup Exps Mrrmz16 9739 C09 01 2b 21

Inspired by: Country Potato Soup

You'll be surprised at the taste of this rich and cheesy easy potato soup. It really is the best potato soup recipe, ever. I came up with it after enjoying baked potato soup at one of our favorite restaurants. I added bacon, and we think that makes it even better. —Coleen Morrissey, Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania

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Inspired by: Colossal Carrot Cake

My husband constantly requests this homey, old-fashioned version of carrot cake. The frosting is still tasty even without the pecans. —Adrian Badon, Denham Springs, Louisiana

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Inspired by: Harvest Chicken SaladTaste of Home

Inspired by: Harvest Chicken Salad

These sandwiches are easy to pull together when you need something fun and taste-worthy in a flash. I make them often for occasions like brunches, church youth meetings and impromptu family gatherings. —Cheryl Sigler, Louisville, Ohio

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 Inspired by: Chef Salad Taste of Home

Inspired by: Chef Salad

For a lot of the year, I can use my garden's produce when I make this cool salad. In spring, it's fresh greens and radishes, and in summer, we have tomatoes, cabbage and carrots. What a good feeling! —Evelyn Gubernath, Bucyrus, Ohio

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Inspired by: Garden Fresh Turkey Taste of Home

Inspired by: Garden Fresh Turkey

With this recipe, two can enjoy the taste of something new and elegant in minutes. All you need to add is the ambiance for a bistro meal at home. —Karen Harris, Littleton, Colorado

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Inspired by: Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap Taste of Home

Inspired by: Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

When we have chicken for dinner, I cook extra for these full-flavored roll-ups. Featuring Caesar salad dressing, cream cheese, red pepper, black olives and a hint of garlic, the wraps are perfect alongside corn on the cob and a green vegetable. —Christi Martin, Elko, Nevada

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Inspired by: Chicken Tortilla Soup Taste of Home

Inspired by: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Put a little spice in your menu with my favorite Anaheim pepper recipe. The peppers, jalapenos and cayenne heat up this full-flavored tortilla soup. —Johnna Johnson, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Big Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies Exps Tham19 156150 C11 14 3b 7

Inspired by: House-Baked Cookies

My take on the classic cookie is inspired by a bakery in California called Hungry Bear. It's big, thick and chewy—truly the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. —Irene Yeh, Mequon, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: ReubenTaste of Home

Inspired by: Reuben

New Yorkers say my Reubens taste like those served in the famous delis there. For a little less kick, you can leave out the horseradish. —Patricia Kile, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

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Inspired by: McAlister’s Famous Tea Taste of Home

Inspired by: McAlister’s Famous Tea

A pinch of baking soda eliminates bitterness in this smooth and easy-to-sip tea and it has just the right amount of sugar so it's not overly sweet. —kelseylouise, Taste of Home Community Member

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Inspired by: Justaspud with Cheddar-Jack Cheese

Inspired by: Justaspud with Cheddar-Jack Cheese

These special stuffed baked potatoes are a hit with my whole family, from the smallest grandchild on up. I prepare them up to a week in advance, wrap them well and freeze. Their flavorful filling goes so nicely with juicy ham slices. —Marge Clark, West Lebanon, Indiana

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Inspired by: BLT+A Taste of Home

Inspired by: BLT+A

Here’s my twist on the classic BLT. Creamy avocado, balsamic mayo and crisp salad greens make this version legendary in my book. For a lighter take, I often use turkey bacon. —Ami Boyer, San Francisco, California

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Ground Beef Taco Salad Exps Scmbz18 98345 C01 10 5b 3

Inspired by: Taco Salad

Everyone at our house loves this taco salad. In spring we look for something light and refreshing on the menu after the heavier comfort food of winter. —Muriel Bertrand, Shoreview, Minnesota

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Inspired by: Ultimate Nachos Taste of Home

Inspired by: Ultimate Nachos

Guests will go crazy when you serve this cheesy nacho casserole with tender chunks of slow-cooked pork. The recipe makes two heaping pans, and you don’t need to worry about filling the chip bowl—the tortilla chips are conveniently baked right in the dish! —Kelly Byler, Goshen, Indiana

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Inspired by: Four Cheese Griller

Inspired by: Four Cheese Griller

The tastes of summer abound in this easy Italian-style grilled cheese sandwich. Not only is it delicious, it's super-fast, so you can get back to those summer outdoor activities. —Sylvia Schmitt, Sun City, Arizona

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Inspired by: Chili

Inspired by: Chili

This hearty slow cooker chili can cook for up to 10 hours on low in the slow cooker. It's so good to come home to its wonderful aroma after a long day away. —Sue Call, Beech Grove, Indiana

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Inspired by: Brownies Taste of Home

Inspired by: Brownies

When you're in a hurry to make dessert, here's a "mix of mixes" that's so convenient and quick. The result is a big pan of very rich, fudgy brownies. Friends who ask me for the recipe are amazed that it's so easy. —Denise Nebel, Wayland, Iowa

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Inspired by: The Italian Taste of Home

Inspired by: The Italian

My Italian husband grew up eating this flavorful sandwich, which his mother used to make it after Saturday chores were finished. Put the sub together a few hours ahead and refrigerate, then serve with chips, veggies and dip for a delicious meal. —Christine Lupella, Fifty Lakes, Minnesota

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Inspired by Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Taste of Home

Inspired by Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

My Caesar with grilled chicken is a healthier alternative to heavy meat and potatoes dishes. After grilling the kabobs, we serve them family style. —Melissa Adams, Tooele, Utah

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Inspired by: Smoky Pepper Jack Turkey Taste of Home

Inspired by: Smoky Pepper Jack Turkey

We’re crazy for BLTs. A nearby roadside stand carries gorgeous tomatoes every summer. We load up, then stuff our sandwiches with the usual suspects, plus smoked turkey and cheese. —Pamela Shank, Parkersburg, West Virginia

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Crustless New York Cheesecake Exps17604 Cm2406672d09 01 3bc Rms 3

Inspired by: New York Cheesecake with Real Fruit Purée

This rich cheesecake is incredibly creamy. Even though the cake doesn't have a crust, I guarantee everyone will love it. —George Parsell, Flushing, New York

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Inspired by: MemphianTaste of Home

Inspired by: Memphian

These satisfying sub sandwiches are a study in simplicity. Try serving the seasoned mayonnaise on the side so guests can customize their hoagies. Look for submarine sandwich dressing in the deli section of your grocery store. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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