10 Mermaid Birthday Party Food Ideas

Ariel might want to be where the people are. But we want to be where the mermaids are—specially if it involves this enchanting mermaid birthday party food!

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Mermaid Cake

Make a splash with this coastal confection from Preppy Kitchen, complete with white chocolate buttercream scales on the outside and layers of fluffy vanilla cake on the inside. If you’re a baking beginner, check out this step-by-step guide to frosting cakes like a pro.

Get the recipe at Preppy Kitchen.

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Mermaid Tails
Courtesy Ever After in the Woods

Mermaid Tails

Chocolate-covered pretzels… or mermaid tails? The correct answer would be both! To make Ever After in the Woods’ sprinkle-covered sticks, all you need to do is melt white chocolate wafers, mix in the food coloring of your choice, then dip to your heart’s delight. Just like these kid-friendly recipes, they’re so easy that even the little ones can help out.

Get the recipe at Ever After in the Woods.

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Sand Dollar Cookies

Before the military relocated our family, my children had never lived near the ocean. I came up with this special treat with a beach theme—it made our move even more fun!—Michelle Duncan of Callaway, Florida
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Mermaid cookie pizza
Courtesy A Magical Mess

Mermaid Cookie Pizza

Combine two of your kid’s favorite foods (cookies and pizza!) in this dreamy dessert from A Magical Mess. Just imagine: a buttery chocolate chip cookie “crust” topped with mini marshmallows and mermaid sprinkles, then drizzled with teal and purple icing. You can use premade dough or make your own with one of these soft and chewy recipes.

Get the recipe at A Magical Mess.

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Mermaid lemonade
Courtesy Jasper & Willow

Mermaid Lemonade

Move over pink lemonade—there’s a new drink in town (or rather, the sea). And while Jasper & Willow’s magical beverage—which is colored with teal, green and purple sanding sugar—calls for store-bought lemonade, you can also make your own citrusy sip with one of our homemade lemonade recipes.

Get the recipe at Jasper & Willow.

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Clam pearl cookies
Courtesy MomDot

Clam Shell Cookies

Like these adorable ideas, when it comes to kids birthday party food, the more colorful and creative, the better. Which is where these clam shell cookies from MomDot come in. Who knew that wafer cookies, buttercream icing, food coloring and pearl sprinkles could make such cute creations?

Get the recipe at MomDot.

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Mermaid fruit salad
Courtesy Finding Zest

Mermaid Honey Lime Fruit Salad

To be honest, Finding Zest’s bright blend is more than worthy of a spot on our list of the top 10 fruit salads. While it features juicy fresh watermelon cut into sea shapes, grapes, cantaloupe and blueberries, the real star of the show is the honey lime sauce that it’s all tossed in.

Get the recipe at Finding Zest.

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Scoop of mermaid ice cream
Courtesy Home. Made. Interest.

Mermaid Ice Cream

Some things are just better together, like Ariel and Prince Charming… and cake and ice cream. Ice-cold and swirled with ocean hues, it’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Get the recipe at Home. Made. Interest.

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Mermaid party donuts
Courtesy Savvy Saving Couple

Mermaid Party Donuts

Short on time before the guests arrive? Donut worry. These under-the-sea eats from Savvy Saving Couple are just basic cake donuts smeared with vibrant frosting and topped with sparkling sprinkles. Serve them instead of cake for dessert at the party or package them in themed bags to send home as party favors. Here are mermaid birthday party ideas for an imaginative adventure.

Get the recipe at Savvy Saving Couple.

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Mermaid tail cupcakes
Courtesy Chelsweets

Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

These fondant fins from Chelsweets will turn your cupcakes into mini mermaid masterpieces. And don’t be fooled by how fancy they look—because they’re cut out of a template, they’re actually surprisingly simple to make. While your tails dry, bake one of our top cupcake recipes for your base.

Get the recipe at Chelsweets.

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