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Presenting the Finalists in Our Most Innovative Recipe Contest

Our Test Kitchen asked for the most unique recipes and these home cooks delivered! Check out the finalists in our Most Innovative Recipe Contest.

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We asked home cooks to share their most unique recipes with us, and did they ever deliver! After careful consideration and testing these recipes in our very own Test Kitchen, we’ve narrowed down the submissions to 12 tasty recipes.

We don’t think you’ve ever seen any recipes like these before but know that they are Test Kitchen-approved and absolutely delicious. So check them out, stir a few up in your kitchen and vote for your favorite.

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most innovative-Kayla Capper Herbed Pumpkin Flatbreadtaste of home, Courtesy kayla capper

Herbed Pumpkin Flatbread

When autumn arrives, who isn’t looking for a new way to use pumpkin? Made with rosemary, these flatbreads are a welcome change of pace compared to standard pumpkin spice. Try these with hummus or as a pizza crust. —Kayla Capper, Ojai, California

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most innovative Carmell Childs Spicy Thai Inspired Noodle Watermelon Saladtaste of home, Courtesy carmell childs

Spicy Thai-Inspired Noodle Watermelon Salad

This is not your typical watermelon salad. Fresh summer watermelon is pureed along with lime juice, sweet chili sauce and a bit of fish sauce, giving it a sweet and savory flavor so iconic to southeast Asia. Tossed with more melon, rice noodles, veggies, cilantro and peanuts, it’s guaranteed to be a hit at your next dinner. —Carmell Childs, Orangeville, Utah

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most innovative-Mohammed Abdullah Tomato Cobblertaste of home, Courtesy mohammed abdullah

Tomato Cobbler

Not all cobblers have to be sweet. This savory version is a great use of tomatoes that always seem to ripen all at the same time. Any type of tomato would work well and heirlooms would add a nice pop of color. Try serving this as a side dish with grilled meats, on a brunch buffet with poached eggs or take it to work in your lunch. —Mohammed Abdullah, Fremont, California

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most innovative-Laura Kurellamichigan Cherry Japanese Style Cheesecaketaste of home, Courtesy laura kurella

Michigan Cherry Japanese-Style Cheesecake

It’s all the rage in Japan and it’s catching on here in the US. This Japanese cheesecake is something very different from the traditional American version. Significantly less sweet and insanely fluffy, this version has a fraction of the calories of its denser cousin. Add on a sauce of tart cherries with a pinch of cayenne, and it’s a dessert to remember. —Laura Kurella, Wellston, Michigan

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most innovative-Sue Skrtich Spinach And Squash Pierogi Casseroletaste of home, Courtesy sue skrtich

Spinach and Squash Pierogi Casserole

Pierogi, an Eastern European staple, are the backbone of this one-of-a-kind dish. Layered much like a lasagna, the potato and cheese pierogi are topped with spinach, butternut squash, cheese and herbs and baked until bubbly and golden brown. Remember this dish when you’re looking for a hearty, meatless entrée. —Sue Skrtich, Hamilton, Ontario

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most innovative Ashley Altan Easy Almond Joy Chia Puddingtaste of home, Courtesy Ashley Altan

Easy Almond Joy Chia Pudding

This creamy pudding is a fun flavor spin-off of the classic Almond Joy candy bar. One taste and you’d never guess it’s both dairy-free and vegan. The thickening power of chia seeds is what gives this pudding its silky texture. Served in individual portions, it’s a great option for dinner parties or after-school snacks. —Ashley Altan, Hanover, Maryland

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most innovative-Katherine Wollgast Avocado Quick Breadtaste of home, Courtesy katherine wollgast

Avocado Quick Bread

Similar to a banana bread in method and texture, this quick bread uses ripe avocados for a unique spin on a classic bread. The avocados give it a slight green tint which you can bump up with a bit of food coloring if you wish. It’s also a delicious way to incorporate a little oleic acid, a monosaturated Omega-9 fatty acid into your diet. —Katherine Wollgast, Troy, Missouri

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most innovative-Erica Sinclair Savory Winter Squash Pietaste of home, Courtesy erica sinclair

Savory Winter Squash Pie

This savory pie is bursting with unique fall flavors. Similar in texture to a quiche, it’s perfect for brunch or as a meal alongside a salad. The bacon roses look difficult but are so easy to do and very impressive. After partially baking, the pie is topped with a tender, flaky lattice crust and baked to a golden brown. —Erica Sinclair, Hamilton, Ontario

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most innovative-Sarah Meuser Vegan Chocolate Moussetaste of home, Courtesy sarah meuser

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Who doesn’t like chocolate mousse? So rich, creamy and decadent and this version certainly lives up to that description. However, you’ll be amazed to learn this version can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Whipped aquafaba, chickpea liquid, creates a silky smooth yet fluffy mousse so it’s vegan, and free from gluten, dairy and eggs. —Sarah Meuser, New Milford, Connecticut

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most innovative-Dan Seering Kilbourn Sandwichtaste of home, Courtesy dan seering

Kilbourn Sandwich

Taking inspiration from the classic Monte Cristo, these turkey, ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches are dipped in buttermilk pancake batter and then frozen. When you’re ready, they can then be pulled out and cooked at a moment’s notice whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. —Dan Seering, Verona, Wisconsin

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most innovative-Adrienne Vradenburg Secret Ingredient Deviled Eggstaste of home, Courtesy adrienne vradenburg

Sweet and Savory Deviled Eggs

Who would ever expect the secret ingredient of maraschino cherries would pair so well with deviled eggs? The sweet, smoky and savory flavors create a delicious combo. You get the sweetness from the cherry that’s balanced by the tartness of pickles. Add in a bit of heat from jalapeno and it’s definitely a great conversation started at a party. —Adrienne Vradenburg, Bakersfield, California

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