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16 Kitchen Gadgets That People Can’t Stop Buying from Amazon

Can't stop, won't stop. Put one (or all) of these best-selling kitchen gadgets in your Amazon cart ASAP.

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Paderno World Cuisine 6 Blade Vegetable Slicer Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant


Trade pasta for veggie noodles with one of the best kitchen gadgets for preparing meals that are low in carbs but high in flavor. This spiralizer comes with six blade styles, offering endless opportunity for creating alternative pasta dishes. The hand-cranked tool isn’t just for zoodles (aka zucchini noodles), either. Turns out you can also spiralize these unexpected vegetables.

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Thermopro Tp03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Digital Meat Thermometer

Never overcook (or undercook) a ribeye again with this digital meat thermometer. Not only does this kitchen gadget measure temperature in less than seven seconds, but it’s also one of this pro chef’s six secrets for grilling the perfect steak. Pro tip: For a medium-rare piece, the temperature should be 140ºF.

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Instant Pot Pro 10 In 1 Pressure Cooker Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Instant Pot Pro

The Instant Pot has moved from a trendy appliance to a classic for good reason: It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan and warmer all in one. Basically, Instant Pot recipes are the solution to all of your dinner dilemmas. Pair this kitchen gadget with these Instant Pot accessories.

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Spring Chef Dough Blender Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Pastry Blender

You’ll quickly become a pie-making pro with the help of this mixing tool. Use a pastry blender to combine wet and dry ingredients when you’re making dough, then bake one of these perfect pie recipes. Bake easy knowing that if your pastry blender breaks, the company will replace it for free.

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Psst! The vegetable peeler from this company is another Amazon bestseller. Bonus: This one comes with lifetime warranty, too.

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet With Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Pre-Seasoned Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Everything tastes better when it’s cooked in cast iron. This cast iron skillet from Lodge comes pre-seasoned, meaning it’s already nonstick and ready to use as soon as you open the box. Plus, it comes with a silicone hot pan holder. Here are all the reasons our Test Kitchen loves this pan.

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Bagel Guillotine tool on a kitchen counter with a sliced bagel insideMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Bagel Guillotine

Nothing beats a morning (or afternoon) bagel loaded with schmear. But more often than not, cutting that bagel into two even halves feels impossible—until now. This bagel guillotine with nearly-perfect reviews on Amazon is the smart solution for achieving evenly cut slices, without the mess. One of our Taste of Home editors confirms it holds up to the test, even when slicing through a thick New York bagel. Yum!

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Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Digital Food Scale

Trying to convert grams and ounces to cups is not only annoying, it can also be inaccurate. Measure baking ingredients more precisely by weighing them on a kitchen scale that weighs up to 11 pounds. Not convinced you need one of these kitchen gadgets? Here are four reasons why you definitely do.

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Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Nut Milk Bag

There are plenty of reasons to drink nut milk, whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or simply want a protein-packed alternative. But store-bought almond and cashew milk can be expensive. Make homemade, non-dairy milk with this nut milk bag. It’s similar to a fine mesh strainer by filtering out the pulp from nuts, seeds or grains. And it doubles as a coffee filter or cheesemaker.

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Wilton Non Stick 6 Cavity Donut Baking Pans Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Doughnut Baking Pans

“Donut” pass up this pair of pastry pans. Nonstick and dishwasher-safe, these kitchen gadgets are an easy way to make a dozen slightly healthier doughnuts that are baked, not fried. Use the pans to whip up one of these yummy doughnut recipes.

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Zyliss Manual Handheld Can Opener With Locking Mechanism Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Lock N’ Lift Can Opener

Need to open a can of pumpkin for one of these tantalizing fall treats? Well, now you can. This convenient can opener has a magnet on the front to easily remove the lid once it’s cut and a lever to deposit the lid right into the recycling bin. It’s a 2.0 can opener!

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Bellemain Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Cheese Slicer

More cheese, please! Your wish is also your demand with this adjustable cheese slicer. The stainless steel wire cutter lets you cut slices of whatever width you prefer, from paper thin to 1/4-inch thick. Wondering whether you should be eating Mozzarella instead of Swiss? Here are the seven healthiest cheeses to satisfy your cravings.

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Bialetti Express Moka Pot Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Stovetop Espresso Maker

Skip the pricey Starbucks order and make your own cup of espresso with this barista-approved Bialetti Moka. In less than five minutes, you’ll have six cups of delicious bold brew. One reviewer shares, “I used to be happy with a French press but now that’s packed away. I can’t go back!”

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Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Silicone Baking Cups

Just when you thought cupcakes couldn’t get any cuter, we found these colorful liners. The best part? These kitchen gadgets are made of silicone, making them washable and reusable. Plus, they aren’t just for cupcakes—put them in lunch boxes as snack dividers for a bento box feel.

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Mueller Vegetable Chopper Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Vegetable Chopper

Say goodbye to everyone’s least favorite kitchen task: dicing onions. This veggie chopper cuts a variety of fruits and vegetables in just a press of the lid. And it traps in the aromas of the onions for tear-free dicing. Evenly chopped chop salads, here you come!

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The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver With 2 Vacuum Stoppers Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

On those rare occasions when you don’t finish the bottle of red you opened, do like our editors do and keep it fresh in the fridge with this wine sealing system. It’s completely airtight, sealing the bottle so that the wine doesn’t oxidize. If you don’t want to save the wine, use up the rest of the bottle in one of these flavorful vino-starring recipes.

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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Rapid Egg Cooker

Love eating eggs for breakfast but you’re too rushed in the mornings to make them? Meet the quick cooker that makes eggs hardboiled, scrambled, poached or even omelet form while you’re getting ready. Just listen to this review: “Reclaim lost hours, catch up on missed TV, reconnect with old friends and family—anything is possible with the free time you’ll find at your disposal with this device.” Add this to the list of best kitchen products to buy this year.

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