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11 Mushroom Coffee Brands to Add to Your Morning Routine

Mushrooms for breakfast? You bet. Mushroom coffee contains powerful health benefits and good-for-you nutrients that can help you stay energized and calm throughout the day.

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Freshcap Mushroom Coffee Ecomm FtVIA MERCHANT

A morning habit that gives you a boost and long-term health benefits? Yes, mushroom coffee lives up to the hype. It draws on fungi’s powerful health benefits to sharpen your focus, reduce brain fog and keeps your energy levels sustained throughout the day—all without the post-coffee crash.

Not every brand contains actual coffee. But you’ll notice certain mushrooms across the board, like cordyceps and lion’s mane, which are renowned for their energy- and focus-boosting properties. Others, like reishi and shiitake, can help relieve stress.

So which mushroom coffee brands should be part of your morning routine? We found the best brands to try.

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Four Signmatic Mushroom Coffee Ecommvia merchant

Four Sigmatic Functional Coffee

Four Sigmatic was one of the front-runners of the mushroom coffee trend, and it’s a classic for a reason. It features organic coffee blended with different mushrooms and adaptogens to add a little extra jazz to your day. As far as taste? You’ll hardly notice there’s anything other than coffee beans in there. My personal favorite is Think, which has lion’s mane to improve focus and memory and chaga to boost overall wellbeing.

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Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Mushroom Coffeevia merchant

Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Coffee

If you’re trying to replace coffee completely, this herbal coffee from Wooden Spoon Herbs is a great entrance into sippable mushrooms. Its main ingredients are roots that increase energy (like maca), with the addition of reishi to help keep you calm. Check out some other coffee alternatives.

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Ryze Mushroom Coffeevia merchant

Ryze Superfoods Mushroom Coffee

Ryze Superfoods’ version of mushroom coffee is geared toward protecting your mental and physical health, adding turkey tail (which helps your gut) and shiitake (which improves overall immunity). It contains half the amount of caffeine of a typical cup of coffee, and its ingredients are also keto-friendly. Take your barista skills to the next level with these coffee products.

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La Republica Superfoods Mushroom Coffeevia merchant

La Republica Mushroom Coffee

Add seven powerful mushrooms to Arabica instant coffee, and you get La Republica. The mushroom coffee blend was selected to deliver a wide range of health benefits, keeping you healthy while improving your daily performance. La Republica is no stranger to mushrooms—it offers a variety of blends that put certain mushrooms forward, depending on what you’re looking for. Curious about other coffee trends? Here’s our take on Bulletproof coffee.

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Om Mushroom Coffee Latte Blendvia merchant

Om Superfood Latte Blend

Just saying “Om” puts you in a calmer state of mind. The superfood latte blend pairs organic coffee with a mushroom blend that helps you focus while still getting your latte fix. These come in packets that make your morning cup more convenient and easy to take on the go—just pour in hot water or milk, and enjoy. What about putting an egg in your coffee? Here’s why people love Scandinavian coffee.

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Mud Wtr Ritual Starter Kit Ecommvia merchant

MUD/WTR Mushroom Coffee

MUD/WTR is neither mud nor water: it’s a mushroom coffee that ditches most of the caffeine for a potent blend that’s as charged with health benefits as it is with energizing properties. It’s made with masala chai and a range of organic spices, so the flavor veers more toward chai tea latte than coffee. MUD/WTR offers a subscription service, so you never have to worry about running low. (These are our other favorite coffee subscription boxes.)

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Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder Dietary Supplementvia merchant

Naturealm Sacred 7

While it doesn’t contain coffee itself, the Sacred 7 powder features a powerful blend of mushroom extracts that can be stirred into your favorite coffee. The powder features mushrooms that are meant to supercharge your day, providing you an extra dose of energy while boosting your mood.

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Laird Organiz Peruvian Coffee With Functional Mushrooms Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Laird Superfood Functional Coffee

The Laird Superfood functional coffee is almost like your typical medium roast—except it contains three types of mushrooms: chaga, lion’s Mane, and cordyceps. Leading with ground Peruvian coffee beans, this blend will keep you going strong all day long. Laird Superfoods also offers additional roasts and mushroom blends.

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Clevr Coffee Super Lattevia merchant

Clevr Blends Coffee SuperLatte

You know it’s good if Oprah recommends it! The Clevr Blends coffee super latte contains coffee, a blend of mushrooms and herbs to keep you balanced and sharp, and probiotics. Oat and coconut milk add a creamy touch. Even better? No prep required. Just pour in hot water, and enjoy a drink that tastes professionally made. If you want to mix it up, other SuperLatte flavors include Matcha and Rose Cocoa. These also make great gifts for coffee lovers.

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Fresh Cap Mushroom Coffeevia merchant

FreshCap Mushroom Coffee

These instant mushroom coffee packets were created with your productivity in mind. Lion’s mane and chaga will help you cross everything off your to-do list, and you can toss the packets into your bag for on-the-go mornings. FreshCap also offers informational videos and articles about functional mushrooms if you want to expand your knowledge.

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Velty Mushroom Burgersvia merchant

Velty Uncaffeinated Instant Coffee

Velty’s uncaffeinated coffee is all the energy, none of the crash. Available in convenient sachets, Velty uses decaf coffee to maintain that chocolate-y flavor and rich texture of coffee while providing a mental boost through mushrooms like lion’s mane and reishi. It also includes prebiotics to support your gut health, making it a great alternative if coffee and your stomach aren’t always good friends.

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