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The Best Places to Order Turkey for Thanksgiving

Skip the lines and overpicked selection at your grocery store this Thanksgiving—now, you can order turkey for Thanksgiving and get a fresh, tasty bird without ever leaving home.

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When to Order Your Turkey

We recommend placing your order well before Thanksgiving to ensure enough time for delivery and to get ahead of any potential turkey shortage due to the increase in shoppers. Fortunately, turkeys are fairly easy birds to ship, store and prep. Many brands even ship frozen turkeys that can survive in your freezer for months until Thanksgiving, while others come cooled and can be stuck in the freezer for a couple weeks.

Just make sure to thaw your turkey in advance of the big day. The rule of thumb is one day of thawing for every four pounds, so a larger turkey can take five or six days to prep.

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No need to fret over the quality of your bird when you shop from Diestel: Its whole turkeys are never treated with antibiotics, and come in a variety of brines, seasonings, smokes and sizes so it’s easy to find a turkey that pleases everyone at the table.

Why It Made Our List: Taste of Home editor Nicole Doster swears by this retailer, praising its “pricey but super high-quality birds that taste delicious.”

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Nueske's Applewood Smoked Whole Turkeyvia


Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Whole Turkey is already a great bird, specifically chosen for its high-quality, ample white meat. Then, it’s made even better by smoking it with Wisconsin Applewood for a full 24 hours for a sweet, flavorful turkey that’s fully cooked and ready-to-eat.

Why It Made Our List: Nueske’s is another Taste of Home favorite, known for its superior-quality meats. The turkeys will arrive fresh, but we recommend freezing them until the holiday—here’s our expert guide on how to roast a turkey from frozen.

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Hickory-Smoked Whole Turkeyvia

The Swiss Colony

Hickory is a classic turkey flavor, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find it represented better than with this Swiss Colony smoked bird. Simply reheat and serve it for a crowd-pleasing dinner that you’ll be able to pass off as home-cooked.

Why It Made Our List: With praise like “a surprise of deliciousness,” “so easy to prepare” and “best turkey ever,” this turkey’s reviews speak for themselves. When preparing your bird, just make sure you’re not making any of these Thanksgiving mistakes.

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glatt organics turkeyvia @glattorganics/instagram

Glatt Organics

Health-conscious eaters will be happy with this whole turkey from Glatt Organics, which boasts kosher, organic and gluten-free labels. It comes in sizes from 12 pounds up to 25 pounds, plus extras like necks and thighs, so you can choose the one that best works for your feast.

Why It Made Our List: Since these whole turkeys come un-seasoned or brined, you can truly make it your own—follow our expert guide on how to cook a turkey to get it right whether you’re a first-timer or want a few new tricks up your sleeve.

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Organic "Free Range" Turkeyvia

Willie Bird Turkeys

From procuring, seasoning and smoking meats to sealing and shipping them, Willie Bird Turkeys controls every step of the process from your turkey order to when it arrives at your doorstep. This results in an incredibly tasty bird—and an easy ordering experience.

Why It Made Our List: Whether you prefer your turkey smoked, flavored or plain, with the bone in or out, or even chicken or duck in place of turkey, Willie Bird offers plenty of options.

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Frozen Whole Turkeyvia

Ferndale Market

While delivery is limited to just the upper Midwest for now, Ferndale Market’s frozen whole turkey is a treat if you’re within the delivery zone. It’s raised antibiotic-free and free-range on family farms in Minnesota, and keeps in your freezer for months leading up to Thanksgiving.

Why It Made Our List: Whether you choose to smoke, grill, bake or even deep-fry your turkey, you can feel good knowing it was raised with care—and that it’ll pair well with any of the tasty Thanksgiving recipes we’ve rounded up.

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organic prairie turkeyvia

Organic Prairie

You can taste the difference in this organic, antibiotic-free, free-range turkey from Organic Prairie. Each 13-16 pound bird comes with all its giblets included, too, so you can make use of every part of the turkey. With multiple reviews calling it the “best turkey ever,” you know it’s a good bird!

Why It Made Our List: Organic Prairie is dedicated to old-world farming practices that make for an authentic Thanksgiving meal. For more insight on buying excellent turkeys, read our round-up of turkey buying tips.

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Signature™ Ready-to-Roast Turkey Breastvia

Schwan’s Home Delivery

If you’re not so keen on prepping a whole bird, this frozen, ready-to-roast turkey breast is just the thing. It comes in its own roasting bag that locks in flavor and juices to deliver a rave-worthy turkey without any of the prep work.

Why It Made Our List: Not only is this main dish an easier option than traditional turkey, but it’s a less expensive one, too.

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organic, kosher-certified turkeysvia

Grow and Behold

Not only are these organic, kosher-certified turkeys leaner than their mass-market counterparts, but they’re juicer, too. They’re raised in small batches by Amish and Mennonite growers, so you might even taste the difference a well-raised, cared-for turkey can make.

Why It Made Our List: With four weight options to choose from, we recommend buying a turkey slightly larger than you need to make use of our delicious leftover turkey recipes.

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