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10 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

You can’t miss this 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels! But here's what you might not know about the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. We got the scoop from one of its lucky drivers.

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oscar mayer wienermobileCourtesy Hayley Rozman

It’s Not a Wiener-bago

The interior of the Wienermobile doesn’t have a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. It has six seats, though the driver’s seat and “shotbun” have the best view, says Hayley Rozman. Also known as Habanero Hayley, she’s a “Hotdogger” who’s been on tour with the Wienermobile for the last year.

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wienermobile interiorCourtesy Hayley Rozman

The Interior Is Ketchup and Mustard

Well, ketchup- and mustard-colored. The seats are upholstered in yellow leather and plush red velvet, with the Wienermobile logo on each seat.

P.S. Instead of a sunroof, each Wienermobile has a “bunroof.”

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parking the wienermobile Courtesy Kraft Heinz

It’s—Surprisingly—Not That Hard to Drive

Habanero Hayley might even forget she’s behind the wheel of a giant Oscar Mayer hot dog, because it’s “the only thing I really drive for a year.” But it’s hard to find a parking spot! The Wienermobile is 64 hot dogs long, so the drivers probably prefer to skip parallel parking.

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wienermobile with wiener dogsCourtesy Hayley Rozman

You Can Ask for a Ride

Just be in the right place, at the right time, with the right story. Habanero Hayley remembers a woman at an event who was so excited to see the Wienermobile, that she and her partner Ketchup Kyle couldn’t resist giving her a lift! The Hotdoggers were happy to chauffeur the woman and her husband back to the senior community where they lived.

You can apply to be the next Wienermobile driver, too.

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wienermobile at a carnivalCourtesy Hayley Rozman

Everyone Always Asks…

“If we have hot dogs.” The Wienermobile may be shaped like a hot dog, but they don’t serve hot dogs. Just Wiener Whistles!

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wiener whistleCourtesy Kraft Heinz

It’s Still Packed with Wiener Whistles

The Wiener Whistle has been an Oscar Mayer staple since 1958. Lots of people remember getting a whistle back in the day and will ask the Hotdoggers for a Wiener Whistle for old times’ sake. Fortunately, the Wienermobile can carry up to 11,000 whistles.

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oscar mayer wienersCourtesy Hayley Rozman

The Drivers Have to Like Hot Dogs

For some events, a separate Oscar Mayer truck will haul buns over to the Wienermobile to grill hot dogs. Habanero Hayley can’t resist an Oscar Mayer dog with Heinz ketchup—and she’s had roughly 48½ hot dogs over the past 10 months.

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wienermobile on the roadCourtesy Hayley Rozman

…But Don’t Have to Eat Hot Dogs for Every Meal

Since the Wienermobile doesn’t have a bedroom or bathroom, the Hotdoggers have to stay in hotels when they’re on the road. Habanero Hayley and Ketchup Kyle prefer to stay in accommodations with kitchens, because they like to eat pretty healthy. The menu rotation includes grain bowls, salads, tikka masala and turkey burgers.

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wiener mini cooperCourtesy Hayley Rozman

There’s a Mini Wienermobile, Too

The “Wiener Mini” was built in 2008 on a Mini Cooper to celebrate Oscar Mayer’s 125th anniversary. It’s usually stored in Wisconsin and only hits the road for super-special occasions. Check out its license plate: LTL LINK!

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wienermobile and the statue of libertyCourtesy Kraft Heinz

The Wienermobile Goes Everywhere (Really!)

It has been to the Statue of Liberty; Whittier, Alaska, one of the most remote places in America; plenty of National Parks and even the beach. During the most recent Polar Vortex in the Midwest, one Wienermobile was parked by the sand at a beautiful beach near Savannah, Georgia.

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