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25 Birthday Party Games for Kids of All Ages

A birthday celebration isn't complete without one of these exciting party games for kids. They're mighty fun for little players.

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Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalsvia

Olympic Games

Turn your favorite outdoor games into an Olympic competition! Divide the group into three teams and watch the games unfold. Once the last game is played, hand out these gold, silver and bronze medals to each winning team. Or, make your own DIY medals using cardboard, shiny foil and string. Cut the cardboard into circles, wrap and attach the foil around the cardboard and punch a hole into the top of the cardboard circle to tie the string through. Get really crafty and add a construction paper number on top of the foil.

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 6 Pack Potato Sack Race Bagsvia

Potato Sack Race

On your marks, get set, race! Start off the game by lining up the little racers in their sacks and blow the whistle. Whoever hops across the finish line first, wins. If you don’t have potato sacks on hand, the littles can hop around in used pillowcases or drawstring laundry bags instead.

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Shot of two kids doing the limbo at an outdoor festivalPeopleImages/Getty Images


Blast the tunes and play a game of how-low-can-you-go limbo. Lower the limbo stick lower and lower until the last player is shimmying under the limbo stick. A limbo stick can be made of anything—PVC pipes, a pool noodle or even a broom (as long as it has some flair!). Add some DIY birthday magic to it by wrapping the stick with streamers, colorful wrapping paper and ribbon. We love this game for pool parties.

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Family with two daughters having game day at the parkRgStudio/Getty Images

Paint Twister

Twister with a creative twist! Pour paint onto the Twister mat and have the kids play a color-filled round of this classic birthday game. For extra fun, have the kiddos wear white shirts so they’ll have a custom paint-splattered souvenir to take home. Just make sure you’re playing this one outside because spoiler alert: things are about to get real messy.

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Children playing dance video gameRana Faure/Getty Images

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars: birthday party game edition. Pair or group the kiddos into teams and have them create their own choreography to the song of their choice. When it’s showtime, have a panel of judges rate the dancers with number cards. The winning team gets to teach the rest of the group their showstopping dance.

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Large group of happy children holding hands in the park and having fun during spring day.BraunS/Getty Images

Red Rover

Red rover, red rover, the kids will love this party game when they come over. To play, have the kids line up and link arms in two separate lines. Then, each line will alternate saying the riddle, “Red rover, red rover, let __ come over!” where they will choose one kid from the opposing line to run over and try to break their chain. If the kid can’t break their linked arms, they’ll join their team. If successful, their team wins!

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Kids playing bingokate_sept2004/Getty Images


Bingo is the perfect game to wind the kids down after a day of shenanigans. Add a custom touch by printing off empty bingo cards so you can personalize the game with questions that pertain to the birthday kid. Whoever gets the first bingo, gets first dibs on a slice of birthday cake (well, after the birthday girl or boy gets theirs, of course).

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Young boys dressed as pirates with treasure chestPeter Muller/Getty Images

Treasure Hunt

Hide written clues around the house or backyard to the lead the little ones to the buried treasure. You can be as cryptic or direct as you’d like. In the last envelope, leave a key to open up the treasure chest. Make sure to fill the treasure chest with kid-approved goodies like mini candy bars, gold coins, keychains and temporary tattoos. Complete the day with a treasure chest birthday cake.

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Girls playing hide and seek game in park.SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty Images


Tight on budget and on time? Add a few rounds of hide-and-seek to your kid’s party game agenda. Turn things up a notch by playing a round of hide-and-seek tag. If a player is found, the finder will have to tag them to be it next.

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Cornhole bags on boardQuarter Studios/Getty Images

Bucket Toss

Think of bucket toss as a mini (and kid-friendly) version of cornhole. Line up sand pails and have the kids take turns tossing bean bags into the pails. As there are no official rules for bucket toss, have players toss until they’ve gotten all of their bean bags into a bucket or make it a relay race with two separate teams. We like this as an adult party game, too.

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Girl at birthday party hitting pinataImage Source/Getty Images


A game where every kid loves the ending. Blindfold each little one and see who can crack open the pinata using a bat or a broomstick. Once it breaks, watch as the kiddos dive to grab fistfuls of their favorite candies and toys. Plus, pinatas are perfect for incorporating your party theme. (If you’re throwing a pizza party, you’ve got to check out these mini pizza-shaped pinatas.)

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Multi-ethnic children playing tug-of-warJohn M Lund Photography Inc/Getty Images

Tug of War

This. Is. War! Two teams will battle it out by pulling their side of the rope with all of their might. Whichever team pulls the other to their knees, reigns as the tug of war champions.

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Boy walking on toys arranged in yardCavan Images/Getty Images

Obstacle Course

Challenge the little ones to an obstacle course. To make your own DIY obstacle course, gather your kid’s favorite outdoor toys (think: slides, hula hoops and jump rope) and arrange them around your backyard. Then, time each kid and see who comes out on top as the quickest player. Or better yet, set up two courses for a live-action race.

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Young Parents and Their Daughter Are Having Fun and Playing Charades Together. Portrait of Happy Family Having Fun at Leisure. Entertainment Concept.PixelsEffect/Getty Images


A game of charades will bring out the kiddo’s best acting skills. After hearing the little ones yell out their guesses, you may want to join for a game, too. This charades set even comes with three levels of clues so all ages can enjoy this game.

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colorful water bombs in summer ready to plays1llu/Getty Images

Water Balloon Toss

For a game of water balloon toss, pair up the guests and have them toss a water balloon to each other. For every toss, have the players take a step back. Play until there’s only one team remaining with their balloon intact. Have extra water balloons on hand in case there are a few accidents before the game begins. Trust me, even “big kids” drop their water balloons. It’s one of our favorite outdoor games for summer.

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Giggling girls.Johner Images/Getty Images

Truth or Dare

This classic party game is perfect for winding the kids down after a day of fun (and perfect for sleepovers!). To keep the questions kid-friendly, check out this truth or dare list for inspiration. For spooky parties, make one of the dares to try a slice of brainy cake.

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Playful teenage girl and her little sister on couchWestend61/Getty Images

Toilet Paper Fashion Show

Let the little ones show off their fashion design skills with a toilet paper fashion show. Using only a roll of toilet paper, kiddos can wrap, drape and stylize their perfect toilet paper dress. Then, have each model strut their stuff down the runway. It’s a must-have princess party game!

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Children Playing Musical Chairs in Back YardCorbis/VCG/Getty Images

Musical Chairs

This exciting kid’s party game will get the kiddos up on their feet! Pump up the jams and have them walk around a circle of chairs. Pause the music and the little ones will scramble to find an available chair so they’re not out of the game. Play until there are only two players left to duel to become the musical chair champion. Throw in an extra challenge by asking the kiddos to walk in reverse, hop and skip to the next available seat.

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Children to be three-legged race gamePlan Shoot / Imazins/Getty Images

Three-Legged Race

Racing to the finish line is a little bit harder with a third leg in tow. To start a three-legged race, first, tie a bandana or fabric around each partner’s legs. Then, the pair will have to work together to run towards the finish line—without falling down, of course. Make things tricky by having the players run backward, crawl on their hands and feet or skip to the finish line.

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Young boy and girl having fun playing game with purple balloon at home, low angle, sharing, togetherness, friendship10'000 Hours/Getty Images

Hot Potato

Gather the kids in a circle for this fast-paced game. Similar to musical chairs, play the birthday kiddo’s favorite tunes and have them toss the “potato” around the circle. Once the music stops, the little one holding the potato is out. Play it until there’s only one player standing. If it’s a steamy summer day, trade in a hot potato for a water balloon instead.

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Happy kid having fun and jumping on one leg outdoors.LumineImages/Getty Images

Simon Says

Let’s see how well your little ones listen. Assign one player as “Simon” who chooses everyone’s next move. Players need to pay close attention, though, because they only follow what Simon says. If a player follows a command that isn’t worded with “Simon says _”, they’re out! Whoever makes it to the very last round is Simon next.

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blindfolded girl pinning horn to UnicornMayur Kakade/Getty Images

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the tail on the donkey (or pin the tail on the unicorn if you’re throwing a unicorn party) will get the little ones giggling. Blindfold the littles and see who can get closest to pinning the tail on the correct spot. If that’s too simple, spin them a few times before they take their aim.

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Group of children competing in an egg-and-spoon race in a park, Munich, Bavaria, GermanyNiedring/Drentwett/Getty Images

Egg and Spoon Race

Who doesn’t love a good relay race? Hand out hard-boiled eggs or golf balls and spoons to each kid. Then, have them gather at the starting line. Once you blow the whistle, the little ones need to make it to the finish line while keeping their egg balanced on their spoon. The catch here is that if their egg falls off their spoon, they’ve got to go back to the starting line and restart. Whoever makes it to the finish line first, wins!

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Mixed Race girl applying messy lipstickJGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Blind Makeover

Break out the glitter at your kid’s spa birthday party. It’s time for a makeover like you’ve never seen before. The challenge? Each mini makeup artist is blindfolded. There’s bound to be some laughs once they take a look in the mirror. Have makeup wipes handy for easy removal (so they can give each other a real makeover afterward).

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Essen, NRW, Deutschland, Vater, Sohn, Zuhause, Familie, Duo, m39, Beziehung, Junge, Papa, Toben, Spielen, gemeinsam, m9Westend61/Getty Images

The Floor is Lava

Quick! The kiddos will be jumping like jelly beans trying to avoid the “lava” floor. To save yourself from a messy living room, you can set up an outdoor obstacle course that the kiddos can jump item to item from. They just can’t fall onto the “lava” aka the grass in your backyard.

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