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17 Perkins Copycat Recipes

It might not be exactly like your mama made it, but the stick-to-your-ribs comfort food served at Perkins is pretty darn close. If you don't live near the casual dining chain, or if you simply want a delicious dinner at home, try one of these Perkins copycat recipes.

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Inspired by: Homemade Meat LoafTaste of Home

Inspired by: Homemade Meat Loaf

Topped with a sweet sauce, this traditional meat loaf recipe tastes so good that you might want to double it so everyone can have seconds. It also freezes well. —Gail Graham, Maple Ridge, British Columbia

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Inspired by: Scratch-made Belgian Waffle Platter

Inspired by: Scratch-made Belgian Waffle Platter

A friend shared this fluffy waffle recipe with me a few years ago. The cinnamon cream syrup is a nice change from maple syrup, and it keeps quite well in the fridge. Our two children also like it on toast. —Amy Gilles, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: The Everything Sunrise SkilletTaste of Home

Inspired by: The Everything Sunrise Skillet

Using frozen hash browns and packaged shredded cheese shaves minutes off the prep time of this skillet egg dish, making it an appealing meal you can put together quickly. —Elvira Brunnquell, Port Washington, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: Country Fried Steak & EggsTaste of Home

Inspired by: Country Fried Steak & Eggs

As a child, my grandmother taught me how to make this chicken-fried steak. I taught my daughters, and when my granddaughters are bigger, I’ll show them, too. —Donna Cater, Fort Ann, New York

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Inspired by: Chocolate French Silk PieTaste of Home

Inspired by: Chocolate French Silk Pie

This creamy, quick chocolate pie not only melts in your mouth, it also melts any and all resistance to dessert! What an easy way to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day. —Mary E. Relyea, Canastota, New York

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Inspired by: Potato PancakesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes, or latkes, are really versatile. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, they can be a side dish for just about any meal or the main course for a light meal. We have them often at our house. —Lydia Robotewskyj, Franklin, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: Corned Beef Hash SkilletTaste of Home

Inspired by: Corned Beef Hash Skillet

Sunday breakfasts have always been special in our house. It's fun to get in the kitchen and cook with the kids. No matter how many new recipes we try, they always rate this corned beef hash recipe No. 1! —Rick Skildum, Maple Grove, Minnesota

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Inspired by: French DipTaste of Home

Inspired by: French Dip

A chuck roast slow-simmered in a beefy broth is delicious when shredded and spooned onto rolls. I serve the cooking juices in individual cups for dipping. —Carla Kimball, Callaway, Nebraska

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Inspired by: Chopped Cobb SaladTaste of Home

Inspired by: Chopped Cobb Salad

Making this salad is a lot like putting in a garden. I “plant” everything in nice, neat sections, just as I do with seedlings. —Patricia Kile, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

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Inspired by: Ham 'N Cheese OmeletTaste of Home

Inspired by: Ham 'N Cheese Omelet

We had a family reunion for 50 relatives from the U.S. and Canada, and it took four pans of this hearty, five-ingredient omelet to feed the crowd. Fresh fruit and an assortment of muffins helped round out our brunch menu.—Betty Abrey, Imperial, Saskatchewan

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Inspired by: A1 Tangler BurgerTaste of Home

Inspired by: A1 Tangler Burger

Every family has a burger of choice, and this is ours. It's stacked tall with bacon and crunchy onion rings. —Paula Homer, Nampa, Idaho

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Inspired by: Fresh Baked Mammoth MuffinTaste of Home

Inspired by: Fresh Baked Mammoth Muffin

In Michigan there are lots of blueberries, so I enjoy trying recipes with them, like a jumbo version of a classic muffin. — Jackie Hannahs, Brethren, Michigan

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Inspired by: Sonoma Chicken Salad CroissantTaste of Home

Inspired by: Sonoma Chicken Salad Croissant

Parmesan cheese and dill make this the most incredible chicken salad I’ve ever tasted. For the no-cook version, use canned chicken. These sandwiches are a simple entree to serve at parties, showers or picnics.—Jaclyn Bell, Logan, Utah

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Inspired by: Eggs in a Hole

American Toad in a hole is one of the first recipes I had my children prepare when they were learning to cook. Much easier than the European version, this fun egg-in-a-hole is sure to please. My "little ones" are now grown (and have advanced to more difficult recipes!), but this continues to be a traditional standby in my home and theirs. —Ruth Lechleiter, Breckenridge, Minnesota

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Inspired by: Mini Pot Pie ComboTaste of Home

Inspired by: Mini Pot Pie Combo

The golden crust and creamy sauce make this veggie-packed pie a surefire hit. Mild and comforting, the family favorite has convenient freezer instructions for a night when there's no time for prep. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Inspired by: Strawberry Croissant French Toast PlatterTaste of Home

Inspired by: Strawberry Croissant French Toast Platter

More like a scrumptious dessert than a main dish, this rich French toast is topped with a tangy raspberry sauce and a vanilla sauce that includes ice cream. I cut the croissants into shapes with a cookie cutter for my 4-year-old grandson, Patrick. He even asks for the "ice cream sauce" on pancakes! —June Dickenson Philippi, West Virginia

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Inspired by: Fried PicklesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Fried Pickles

Like deep-fried pickles? You'll love this un-fried version even more. Dill pickle slices are coated with panko bread crumbs and spices, then baked until crispy. Dip them with ranch dressing for an appetizer you won't soon forget.—Nick Iverson, Denver, Colorado

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