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14 Pet Gifts for Food Lovers

Looking for the perfect pet gifts? These food-inspired ideas are sure to please.

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Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Cat Treat

Salmon Kitty Treats

Let your cat indulge in freeze-dried salmon bites. These treats are made from salmon caught wildly in Alaska and are sure to win your kitty over. (If you love this list of pet gifts, check out these pet hair removers that actually work.)

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Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Mixvia

Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Mix

Made with five ingredients (including real peanuts!), this frosty treat will have your pups licking their chops like never before. Simply add water and freeze to make this dog-friendly dessert, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a scoop of one of our favorite ice creams.

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You might appreciate Dolly Parton’s new Doggy Parton line for your pups, too.

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Dog Friendly MacaronsVIA bonneetfilou.COM

Dog-Friendly Macarons

Ready for high tea with your pooch? These colorful, macaron dog treats come in a variety of flavors. Grab your favorite teacup, invite your fellow pet parents and throw an afternoon tea party that is canine inclusive. Looking for more sweet treats? Find out whether dogs can eat strawberries or not.

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Surprise your pooch with these bacon dog treats.

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Sophisticated Squeaky Toyvia

Sophisticated Squeaky Toy

Made from eco-friendly materials, this floral, bone-shaped plaything is fit for the most bougie bow-wows and pampered pooches. They’ll enjoy fetching it in the backyard or living room.

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Dipped Ceramic Dog Bowlvia

Personalized Food Bowl

Spell out who’s a good boy with these classy food bowls—they are essential pet gifts! The small size is perfect for most pups and cats, but there’s also a large size for bigger doggies. These charming dishes are a great choice for our healthy, homemade dog food.

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Takeout Inspired Foraging Toyvia

Takeout-Inspired Foraging Toy

Since birds instinctually need to pull and pluck, this takeout-inspired toy provides stimulation and prevents boredom for your pet bird. Plus, who wouldn’t love this cute Chinese takeout decor? Try these Chinese takeout copycat recipes to satisfy your next lo mein craving.

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Foodie Dog Toysvia

Foodie Dog Toys

Even Fido needs his fast food fix. This collection of toys features a pup-friendly milkshake, burger, hot dog, chicken leg and carton of fries. Learn more about human foods that are actually good for dogs.

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Mason Stoneware Pet Treat Canistervia

Stone Treat Jar

The treat jar is a staple for any pet owner. This sleek version from Pottery Barn has an option for engraving your pet’s name. Throw in these homemade dog treats and your canine gift set will be complete.

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Aquarium Ornamentvia

Aquarium Ornament

Your pet fish will love this adorable companion. Built to float at the top of an aquarium, this mini flamingo inner-tube is ready for happy hour.

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Bocce’s Bakery Treats

Your furry friend will be eating like a king! This specialty-treat bakery makes ultra-fun flavors, such as Beef Bourguignon, Duck Confit and PB & Bacon. By the way, if you’re hosting a holiday party, here’s what every pet parent needs to know.

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Breakfast Inspired Squeak Toysvia

Breakfast-Inspired Squeak Toys

Chicken and waffles, avocado toast, a croissant, a breakfast sandwich… oh, and did we mention the Bloody Mary? Your dog won’t have to steal your breakfast anymore when he has this adorable set of breakfast squeak toys.

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Catnip Fortune Cookievia

Catnip Fortune Cookie

We predict a happy kitty in your future. Stuffed with organic catnip, this fortune cookie toy is an excellent gift for your cat. Learn more about the best food you can give your cat.

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Burger Chew Toyvia

Burger Chew Toy

Pet gifts like chew toys are a timeless choice. Designed for small pets, this burger chew toy will keep your hamster busy for days on end.

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Wild One's Dog Bandanavia

Wild One’s Dog Bandana

What better pet gifts are out there than these stylish dog bandanas? They come in lilac or a print that resembles the wrapper of a stick of butter. If dogs are the only pet you’re shopping for, check out our list of dog gift ideas.

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