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10 Pie Decorating Ideas You Need this Holiday Season

They're (almost) too pretty to eat.

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Seasonal Cutouts

Take your pie crust from “meh” to mesmerizing with the addition of cute cutouts. Specialty stamps work best, (like these) but you can also use plain ‘ol cookie cutters. Find more delicious recipes for pumpkin pie.
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Yummy Texas Pecan Pie Exps Tohon19 40047 B06 19 1b 6

Beautiful Border

You don’t need any fancy tools to give your pie a polished edge. Just press the tines of a common fork into the pastry, overlapping and alternating directions as you go. Try these other decorative pie crust ideas.
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Say What?

Plum’s the word of this pretty pie. Letter cookie cutters let your guests know exactly what they’re eating.
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Lovely Lattice

This one is almost too pretty to eat. Upgrade a traditional lattice with floral cutouts and a braided edge.Check out our secrets for homemade pie pastry.
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Buckeye Pie Exps Ppp18 126462 B04 18 1b 3

Oh. My. Ganache.

Chocolate ganache isn’t just for cakes. Pile (or drizzle) some atop your pie, then finish with a sprinkle of chopped nuts. And don’t miss our best chocolate + peanut butter desserts.
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Chocolate Cream Pie Exps Ppp18 13037 B05 15 6b 3

Whipped Topping Stars

For a sweet yet simple design, fill a pastry bag fitted with a star tip attachment with whipped cream. Gently press cream onto the pie, then finish with a dusting of cocoa powder.
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Sweet Potato Coconut Pie With Marshmallow Meringue Exps Tcbz19 62587 E05 22 3b 7

Mountain o' Meringue

If you’re looking for a showstopper, this is it. I mean, honestly, who can resist a literal mountain of toasty meringue? Learn how to make meringue.
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Pretty Pattern

Don’t let a single scrap of pastry go to waste. This clever design cuts out circles from the inner part of the upper crust, then uses them to decorate the edges.
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Macaroon Cherry Pie Exps Ppp19 12506 C04 03 6b 8

Extra Crunchy

Give your pie a lil’ something extra with this crunchy topping. It tastes just like a macaroon! By the way, this is the difference between a macaroon and a macaron. 
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Classic Sweet Potato Pie Exps Tohpp19 25953 E03 19 2b 7

Super Swirls

Sure, you could serve a bowl of whipped topping with your pie. Or, you could pipe it directly atop the filling for an effortless but bold presentation.

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