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14 Gorgeous Seder Plates for Celebrating Passover

Our home editor hosts a yearly Passover celebration for her family. Here are her favorite seder plates for everyone to gather around.

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Seder Plate And Matza Box Set Ecomm Via Etsy.comVia Merchant

Modern Passover Plate

You’ll have room for all the Passover seder essentials with this charming modern seder plate. It’s the perfect balance between generations-old traditions and easy-to-decipher cups for items like horseradish. It’s also an ideal pick for families with young children and those who may not read Hebrew with fluency.

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Seder Plate Set Ecomm Via Williams SonomaVia Merchant

Seder Plate Set

For a seder plate that’s guaranteed to impress any bubbe or safta, look no further than this elegant gold-trimmed option. It’s classic, simple, elegant and practically designed to be a family heirloom. Glazed porcelain and real 24 karat gold detailing set it apart from the rest.

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Passover Seder Plate Judaica Ecomm Via Etsy.comVia Merchant

Porcelain Seder Plate

Just because you’re hosting a traditional dinner doesn’t mean it has to feel stuffy and formal. This porcelain seder plate adds a bit of lightness and fun with its soothing white and pink colorway. Since each piece is handmade, it is a completely unique seder addition that offers freedom from run-of-the-mill versions.

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Paper Seder Plates For Passover Ecomm Via Amazon.comVia Merchant

Disposable Paper Seder Plates

For a totally kid-friendly (and cleanup-free) option, these disposable Seder plates are a perfect choice. They’re illustrated with all the meal’s components—labeled in both English and Hebrew to help kids learn—and can be tossed out at the end of the meal. That means sticky charoset fingers won’t end up on the main plate. These make the best-ever host gift for the family putting both late nights together.

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Pottery Wedding Gift Seder Plate Ecomm Via Etsy.comVia Merchant

Pottery Passover Seder Plate

Whether you’re shopping for newlyweds in need of their first seder plate or you’d like to give yours a modern upgrade, this one is sure to please. It’s handmade with a minimalist design and neutral color scheme, set apart by its teardrop-shaped bowls. The white tone also makes it a great Judaica wedding gift for couples just starting out together.

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Futura Seder Plate Ecomm Via Jonathanadler.comVia Merchant

Jonathan Adler Seder Plate

Mid-century modern style doesn’t have to be limited to living room decor. This fun seder plate from design guru Jonathan Adler adds a bit of quirkiness to the table but still sticks to classic gold and porcelain colors. Plus, it goes well with most of the best wine glass styles—and you’ll need several to pour all four cups.

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Kids Seder Plate Personalized Passover Ecomm Via Etsy.comVia Merchant

Kids Seder Plate

Make your child’s first Passover even more special with the help of this personalized seder plate. It includes cute illustrations of each of the traditional simanim foods, complete with their name in the middle so there’s no more fighting over plates. The kids at your seder may also appreciate these Passover decorations, games and props. It’s a fun way to make a meaningful seder experience for kids as they wait for the afikoman!

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Badash Seder Plate In Gold Ecomm Via BedbathandbeyondVia Merchant

Badash Gold Seder Plate

This golden-hued Badash seder plate offers a robust 13-inch diameter that makes it ideal for large families and impressive tablescapes. It’s made of high-quality glass that ensures easy koshering for the most observant families, and a rich texture that adds depth and warmth to otherwise simple table settings. Just be sure to hand wash it.

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Passover Mordern Marble Seder Plate Ecomm Via Etsy.comVia Merchant

Marble and Gold Seder Plate

If you’re hosting a small seder or planning to add several seder plates along the dais, this handcrafted marble and gold seder plate offers just the right touch of old-world elegance and in-the-moment style. Each of the six marble print and gold porcelain bowls is designed to fit on top of the matching round marble and wood plate. The best part? Each bowl is inscribed with Hebrew lettering that says which seder item goes inside. Non-slip rubber pads help keep the tray intact as you make your way through the four cups (and questions).
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Traditional Porcelain Seder Plate Ecomm Via WayfairVia Merchant

Traditional Porcelain Seder Plate

This 14-inch seder plate looks like it has been passed down through generations, or at least comes from a small Jerusalem workshop dedicated to the most artistic pieces. It’s actually an easy-to-care-for porcelain treasure that comes with a collection of cups to hold everything from bitter herbs to salt water. Here are easy Passover recipes your family will love.

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Pewter Traditional Judaica Passover Seder Plate Ecomm Via WalmartVia Merchant

Pewter Seder Plate

If you’ve spent Passover meals at other people’s homes in the past, you probably noticed shiny pewter seder plates as gorgeous table centerpieces. These silver-hued platters are the most traditional of seder accessories offering easy cleaning, timeless charm and sturdy all-in-one construction that doesn’t require extra cups or mini plates. The 12-inch diameter also makes it an excellent Passover gift for smaller families and those putting multiple tables together. If you’re keeping the holidays small this year, here’s how to host a small-scale Passover celebration.

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Seder Plate Six Glass Bowls Ecomm Via EtsyVia Merchant

Glass Bowl Seder Plate

The rules of kosher dishes and serving ware can be complicated, but using glass—a non-porous material—helps streamline the process and allows for easy washing and reusing for years to come. This delicate wooden seder plate with six glass bowls is the perfect balance of craftsmanship and practicality to bring to the Passover seder. The simplicity of glass also offers a neutral backdrop for these Passover traditions from around the world.

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Michael Aram Tree Of Life Seder Plate Ecomm Via BloomingdalesVia Merchant

Tree of Life Seder Plate

Gather all the branches of your own family tree around this dazzling silver-hued Tree of Life seder plate that brings showstopping elegance to the table. The plate offers built-in bowls for all the seder essentials and a tree sculpture that emerges from the plate’s center as the perfect reminder of the importance of family and faith.

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Pickard Seder Plate Ecomm Via Williams Sonoma.comVia Merchant

Pickard Seder Plate

Choosing this Pickard seder plate for your holiday meal instantly dresses up the simplest ingredients. It offers metallic accents and Hebrew lettering with the word Pesach (that’s “Passover” in Hebrew) clearly emblazoned in the center. Each of the accompanying six simanim dishes also offers matching metallic lettering in classic Hebrew typeface.

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