12 Smoothie Delivery Options for the Easiest Breakfast Ever

If you are looking to add more fruits and vegetables to your weekly meal plan, check out these smoothie delivery services to help get your diet on track.

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When it comes to smoothie delivery options, there’s something for everyone. Some companies offer frozen blends that can be whipped up in minutes. Others offer shelf-stable mixes that only need water to make a delicious smoothie. Then, there are smoothie bowls for the ultimate morning indulgence.

We rounded up our favorite smoothie delivery services and share what makes each one unique and delicious. Take a look and see which one best fits your lifestyle, dietary restrictions and palate.

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Blendtopia Smoothie Service
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Blendtopia’s organic smoothie delivery service offers delicious, ready-to-blend frozen smoothie packs. Just add your liquid of choice! There are five goal-based varieties to choose from—detox, energy, glow, immunity and strength—as well as keto options and smoothie pops. The brand is 100% organic, vegan, women-founded and gluten-free. Plus, everything is sent in recyclable packaging. Reviewers love that these smoothie packs are convenient and are made with whole ingredients and superfoods. Check out our best energy smoothie recipes, too.

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Splendid Spoon Smoothie
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Splendid Spoon

The smoothies from Splendid Spoon provide all the superfoods and fruit you need for your day, in one pre-blended bottle. There is no need to add anything and no need for a blender—simply sip and go. All of the 20 unique smoothie delivery flavor options are plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO. One subscriber said Splendid Spoon is “Easy, tasty, and a great way to supplement my meal planning for health and weight loss!”

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Frozen Garden

The ready-to-blend smoothie mixes from Frozen Garden are individually packaged with a mix of 100% real fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices—without any supplements or gimmicks. What makes this brand stand out from other smoothie delivery services is their focus on local, farm-fresh ingredients. Frozen Garden sources as many ingredients as possible from farmers within 100 miles of their facility in Indiana. Buy smoothies in individual flavors or in variety packs. Check out our favorite fruit delivery services, too.

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Mosaic Cacao Cold Brew Smoothie We Tried It Toh
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Mosaic Foods

Enjoy rich, plant-powered smoothies in under two minutes with Mosaic. Filled with whole foods and none of the unwanted stuff (read: added sugar), smoothie ingredients arrive pre-assembled and frozen. All you have to do is pour them in the blender with some almond milk. Taste of Home‘s Associate Shopping Editor, Madi Koetting, tried the cacao cold brew and raspberry cacao flavors and gives them an A+ for rich and creamy texture. “Mastering the art of smoothie making at home is difficult, especially when it comes to getting that creamy texture,” shares Madi. “Mosaic takes the guesswork out of at-home smoothie making by assembling the ingredients for you.”

Mosaic offers more than just smoothies, too. As one of the best meal delivery kits for plant-based foodies, they offer a variety of pre-made, veggie-powered meals like pizza, bowls, entrees and oat bowls.

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Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is on a mission to make eating fruits and vegetables easier. Their smoothies are nourishing, meticulously crafted and seriously delicious. Oh, and did we mention that they’re delivered straight to your door? Subscribers love that the smoothies are incredibly easy to prepare, too. All you have to do is fill the Daily Harvest cup to the top with your preferred liquid, pour into a blender and whir. Then, simply pour back into your cup and enjoy. By the way, this is the best Vitamix blender you can buy.

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Kind Smoothies
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KIND Frozen Smoothie Bowls

If you’re a fan of KIND granola bars, you’ll love the brand’s frozen smoothie bowls. This easy breakfast is ready to enjoy straight out of the freezer. All you have to do is grab a spoon and go! These smoothie bowls are also perfect for someone who doesn’t want to subscribe to a smoothie delivery service. Pick them up at your local grocery store or online retailer.

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Revive Smoothies
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Revive Superfoods

At Revive Superfoods, eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming and tasteless. Smoothie flavors like pinalada, strawberry zen and dark chocolate and cherry perk up any morning. Plus, to prepare their smoothies all you have to do is add your liquid of choice, blend and enjoy. With thousands of customer reviews and 20+ smoothie flavors, you can’t go wrong.

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Smoothie Box Smoothies
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Smoothie Box

A Smoothie Box subscription helps create a lasting, healthy breakfast routine. These meal alternatives keep you full until lunch and give you a daily dose of vegetables—all while tasting great. The pre-portioned, ready-to-blend smoothie mixes are made with fruits and vegetables that are flash-frozen at the peak of freshness for maximum nutrition. All you have to do is pour one frozen smoothie pouch into a blender, add liquid, blend and enjoy. Plus, for even more nutrition, Smoothie Box offers a variety of powdered mix-ins and boosters, including protein powder, collagen and supergreens. You’ll love these produce delivery options, too.

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Everipe Smoothie Service
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Described as the “easiest smoothie on the planet,” Everipe relies on freeze-dried ingredients for their shelf-stable smoothie blends. We love that this smoothie delivery option is stored in your pantry and doesn’t take up valuable freezer space. For these smoothies, all you have to do is blend the packet with one cup of ice and one cup of water. The result is a smoothie with no added sugar, no preservatives and a gluten- and dairy-free label. For on-the-go blending, consider picking up one of the best portable blenders.

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Juice Generation Smoothies
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Juice Generation

Juice Generation stands out from the crowd because of their focus on internationally sourced superfoods. With ingredients like acai, mangosteen and red dragon fruit, these smoothies are nutritional powerhouses. Customers love that everything comes in one simple cup. All you need is to add liquid and blend. Juice Generation smoothies are convenient to make on the go or at the office. They even include straws and spoons for added convenience.

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Realm Smoothie Service
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A 15-second smoothie? It’s possible with Realm. Made with freeze-dried and crushed fruits, veggies and seed-based protein, all you have to do is add Realm powder to water (or nut milk) and blend. (Do you have one of our best blenders in your kitchen?) Fans claim that although Realm has no added sugar, it tastes like dessert. Their products are also dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and made without soy or preservatives.

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Smartfruit Smoothie
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Another option for those with limited freezer space, Smartfruit is a refrigerated, expertly crafted fruit and vegetable blend. Use it as a base for smoothies—just add ice and your desired liquid to a blender—then customize it with your favorite mix-ins. And, since Smartfruit is sold as a concentrate, it’s one of the more budget-friendly smoothie delivery options. By the way, have you consulted our blender buying guide?

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