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30 Slam-Dunk Snack Ideas, Based on Your Favorite NBA Team

Watch your NBA team rack up points while you serve up best-ever game day snacks!

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Atlanta Hawks: Fried Chicken Strips

There’s certainly no shortage of fried chicken in the Athens of the South. Hawks fans can munch on crispy, BBQ-seasoned yardbird while rooting for the Red and Green. Crushed potato chips make the perfect coating for these chicken strips. Dunk into your favorite sauce for extra delicious points!

Here’s how to make fried chicken that’s better than KFC.

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Boston Celtics: Oyster Crackers

In addition to a bona fide obsession with coffee and donuts, Bostonians love their oyster crackers. We seasoned this all-star soup topper (chowdah, anyone?), making it the perfect snack to pop throughout the game.
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Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwiches Exps107276 Cw1996976c04 05 3bc Rms 3

Brooklyn Nets: Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwiches

Nothing beats a New York bagel and lox. Brooklynites discovered this tasty mash-up in the early 20th century to create a winning sandwich combo. With lox’s smoky flavor paired with zippy cream cheese, all generously piled on a bagel, this snack’s bound to be a buzzer beater. (Psst: Use mini bagels for snack-size servings.)
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Charlotte Hornets: Peanut Butter Cookies

Here’s something to chew on: North Carolina produces more peanuts than any other state. These PB cookies call for only three simple ingredients, creating a sweet-and-salty treat for you and your friends to swarm around while watching the Hornets.
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Chicago Style Beef Rolls Exps Scmbz18 163285 C01 03 5b 8

Chicago Bulls: Chicago-Style Beef Rolls

Hot dogs and deep dish pizza are staple foods in the Windy City. The Italian beef sandwich is another contender. Thinly sliced roast beef, hoagie buns, au jus gravy and hot giardiniera make these legendary sammies something to sink your teeth into while the Bulls sink basket after basket.
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Cleveland Cavaliers: Homemade Pierogies

Some people turn to nachos or sliders to snack on during games, but plenty of Clevelanders prefer delicious Polish-inspired pierogies. Seriously, who doesn’t love potatoes and cheese stuffed into a fried dumpling? Dip ’em in sour cream and you’ve got a snack that’s been a staple in the city for decades.
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Dallas Mavericks: Chili con Queso

Chili con queso is one of those fiesta foods that every single player can get behind. This version is filled with all the good stuff and it’s just the right amount of spicy to get everyone fired up for the game. So rally your teammates, grab the chips and gather around the TV to snack on some gooey, cheesy, game-winning chili con queso.
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Mini Chicken Empanadas Exps47080 Uh2464847c03 20 2bc Rms 2

Denver Nuggets: Mini Chicken Empanadas

The name empanada comes from the Spanish word for “breaded.” Fans of the mile-high hoops team know what it takes to make a delicious watch party treat that’s worth more than gold: puff pastry packed with chicken, cheese, peppers and spices.
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Detroit Pistons: Michigan Cherry Turnovers

Cherries are ranked among the champions of the fruit league, according to Motor City natives…and all other Michiganders. Next time you cheer on the Pistons, indulge in the sweet, juicy, flaky goodness of these mini Michigan cherry pies.
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Golden State Warriors: Chicken Burritos

A staple cuisine in California, these game-winning chicken burritos are guaranteed to create a loyal fan base among your fellow Warriors fans. With 12 servings, this make-ahead burrito recipe serves a whole team!
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Houston Rockets: Beef Brisket Tacos

Texans love a good brisket! Rockets fans can get their basketball and barbecue fix simultaneously with these spicy, meaty, tender beef brisket tacos. For a fun pre-game ritual, let your pals build their own tacos. Serve with plenty of toppings such as jalapenos, sour cream, shredded cheese and salsa. Such a blast to eat!

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Indiana Pacers: Corn Dogs

Corn dogs aren’t just for state fairs. Chow down on these fluffy, flavorful mini corn dogs with a generous spattering of mustard for the perfect game day snack.
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Cashew Chicken Rotini Salad Exps Mrrmz16 32995 C09 01 4b 9

Los Angeles Clippers: Chicken Salad

The roster of tender chicken, hearty pasta and creamy dressing make this California chicken salad a true MVP. May we suggest wrapping the goods up in a warm tortilla?
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Mango Guacamole Exps142222 Sybr2431882b08 15 5bc Rms 2

Los Angeles Lakers: Mango Guacamole

Fire up, Lakers! If we know one thing about California cuisine, it’s that avocado is a victor time and time again. This playful mango guac is best teamed up with tortilla or pita chips, carrot sticks or as a spread on thick toast.

Find more amazing ways to cook with avocados.

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Memphis Grizzlies: Barbecue Nachos

How sweet it is! Barbecue is a Memphis culinary top seed, and these loaded nachos are definitely something to cheer about. Smother the pulled pork with all your favorite toppings for un-bear-ably delicious flavor.
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Miami Heat: Cuban Sliders

Heat things up at your next basketball party with these outstanding Cuban sliders. Miami is known for its gorgeous beaches, its wild nightlife and of course, its all-star cuisine. The famous Cuban, which includes thinly sliced ham, pickles, yellow mustard and Swiss cheese, makes the perfect mini-sandwich.
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Beer Dip Exps Thso18 33049 D01 25 8b 4

Milwaukee Bucks: Beer Dip

Fear the deer! Milwaukee, nicknamed Brew City, is America’s beer and cheese heaven. This creamy, cheesy dip is a slam dunk with crunchy or soft pretzels, potato chips and veggie sticks.

Here are more game day snack ideas to make with beer!

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Apple Crisp Pizza Exps1135 Tg133212b05 24 5b Rms 9

Minnesota Timberwolves: Apple Crisp Pizza

Don’tcha know that the state fruit of Minnesota is the Honeycrisp apple? Calling all Timberwolves fans: Get hungry for this dessert dish that combines two favorites: apples + pizza. The triumphantly sweet aroma will fill your home and get your guests howlin’ for tipoff.
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New Orleans Beignets Exps Cimz19 15704 E09 05 2b 3

New Orleans Pelicans: Beignets

Nothin’ but beig-net! Root on the team from the Big Easy while savoring these crispy, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth beignets. A traditional NOLA breakfast food, beignets are reliable teammates all day, every day. Roll ’em up in powdered confectioner’s sugar and dig in.
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Mini Cherry Cheesecakes Exps Thfm18 468 D09 19 7b 6

New York Knicks: Mini Cheesecakes

Entertain fellow Knicks fans with the famed dessert New Yorkers simply can’t get enough of: cheesecake. These mini New York-style cheesecakes can be prepared in the Knick of time.
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Bbq Chicken Sliders Exps74477 Scm143428c03 05 2bc Rms 3

Oklahoma City Thunder: BBQ Chicken Sliders

Oklahomans’ love affair with barbecue started at the World’s Biggest BBQ in 1923. To make OKC fans happy, serve up BBQ chicken sliders—and kick things up a notch by serving with cornbread and macaroni and cheese.
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Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes Exps169905 Th143190b09 27 1b Rms 5

Orlando Magic: Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes

Juicy Florida oranges will be the star of the snack game at your next b-ball bash. This recipe for bite-sized cupcakes is nothing short of pure magic. Sweet, sweet oranges… Sweet, sweet victory!
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Philly Cheesesteak Won Ton Cups Exps Hca18 174758 D05 19 5b 1

Philadelphia 76ers: Philly Cheesesteak Won Ton Cups

If you ask any Philadelphian what you absolutely must eat when you’re in town, you’re going to eat the City of Brotherly Love’s most famous sandwich: a Philly Cheesesteak. These bite-size Philly Cheesesteak-inspired won ton cups are easy to make and eat.
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Phoenix Suns: Sweet Potato Fritters

Farmers around Phoenix harvest a surprisingly large amount of the world’s sweet potatoes, making these crispy, dunkable sweet potato fritters an ideal locally sourced bite for Suns fans. As a bonus, their vibrant orange hue resembles a basketball, making them an even more fun game day nosh.
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Portland Trail Blazers: Pear Puffs

Here’s a bit of juicy trivia: Pears are the official state fruit of Oregon. The popular fruit, with its signature shape and distinct texture and flavor, can be enjoyed on its own or baked to perfection, like in these snackable sandwiches.
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Sacramento Kings: Grilled Street Corn

You deserve to eat like a king (or queen)! Street corn, also known as elotes, is a wildly popular, a-maize-ingly delicious snack. Go ahead and add as much spice as your heart desires.

Pro Tip: You can replicate this recipe with the kernels removed from the cob to make esquites, or “corn in a cup.”

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San Antonio Spurs: Tex-Mex Popcorn

What better game day (or movie…or party…or road trip…or pretty much any occasion) snack than spicy popcorn? The crowd will go wild for this winning Tex-Mex popcorn treat that takes only minutes to prepare and only minutes to be devoured.
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Poutine Exps149191 Sd2401786b02 16 4bc Rms 2

Toronto Raptors: Poutine

O, Canada! Poutine is one of Canada’s most popular dishes, and for good reason! French fries, cheese curds and gravy… Need we say more? Dig into this Canadian culinary gem while watching the Raptors take on their prey.

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