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10 Things You Never Knew You Could Make in a Muffin Pan

Muffin pans, they're not just for breakfast anymore! Here are the best spins on traditional favorites.

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Meat Loaf MuffinsTaste of Home

Meat Loaf

Meat loaf is definitely a classic American comfort food. However, when the typical bake time is over an hour, it’s not going to be your first weeknight dinner pick. Bring in the muffin pan and you cut that bake time in half. (Need a new one? Try our Taste of Home model.) This dish has all the comfort, but a fraction of the wait.

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Individual Shepherd’s PiesTaste of Home

Shepherd’s Pie

Muffin pans yield the perfect serving size, and we love them for it. Shepherd’s pie can be an indulgent meal, and this is the ideal way to have built-in portion sizes.

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Make-Ahead Eggs Benedict Toast CupsTaste of Home

Eggs Benedict

If you want to impress your brunch guests, eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast dish you should serve. The simple solution? Eggs Benedict made in a muffin pan. This is a recipe you can prepare ahead of time, too. Here are even more genius uses for your muffin pan.

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Mini Pizza CupsTaste of Home


Making pizza in a muffin pan is just plain delicious fun. It’s also a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen. These little munchies are great for portable lunches and easy appetizers when it’s your turn to host.

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Cream Cheese Cookie CupsTaste of Home

Cookie Cups

The only thing better than a fresh-baked cookie is a fresh-baked cookie cup. You can fill these cookies with yummy filling like cream cheese and mini M&M’s. Simply press the dough on the bottom of the muffin pan, fill and let them work their magic.

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Muffin-Tin Chicken PotpiesTaste of Home

Pot Pie

Personal-sized pot pies are a brilliant invention. They’re simple to prep, quick to cook and easy to clean. Whether for supper or for fun, you’ve got to try these fun muffin tin pot pies.

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Mini Spinach FrittatasTaste of Home


Grab-and-go breakfasts made ahead of time make our lives much easier. Baking a frittata in a muffin pan gives a crisp outside and a soft, tender center with every mouthful. Make a batch and have breakfast ready for the whole week.

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Lemon Cheesecake TartsTaste of Home

Fruit Tart

Tarts often call for tart pans that we may or may not have on hand. Tarts made in muffin pans are a simple solution. These treats give you just the right amount of dessert without overindulging.

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Muffin Tin LasagnasTaste of Home


Layering lasagna can take some patience and practice to master, but lasagna in a muffin pan is practically foolproof. Each muffin pan lasagna turns out with ease and in half the time of a traditional pan-sized lasagna.

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Turkey Bolognese Polenta NestsTaste of Home


There are many ways to prepare polenta, but this one is a keeper. Polenta nests are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They hold the perfect amount of turkey bolognese for each individual bite.

Get Our Recipe for Turkey Bolognese Polenta Nests

Sher Castellano
Sher Castellano is the plant-based chef, endometriosis advocate and former health coach behind the award winning blog With Food + Love. Sher creates recipes to help you feel better, and explores topics of chronic illness, women's health and infertility with her honest writings. With Food + Love was a finalist in the 2015 Saveur Magazine Food Blog Awards.