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Our Top 25 Grilled Steak Recipes

Celebrate summer nights with our best grilled steak recipes. From fajitas to a tender flank steak, we cover every grilled steak idea that will make you wish summer never ends.

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Key West Flank Steak

My husband, Jason, is the cook in our family and this is his recipe. Inspired by his Colombian roots and our visits to Key West, Jason marinates steak in onion, cilantro, limes and oil until searing it off on the grill. Sometimes we grill extra lime and onion slices alongside. —Gretchen Ospina, Columbia Heights, Minnesota

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Easy Marinated Grilled Flank Steak

Friends shared this three-ingredient marinade years ago, and it’s been a favorite since. After marinating, all I have to do is grill the steak for about 7 minutes and then I have a delicious, hearty meal. So easy! —Gretchen Ospina, Columbia Heights, Minnesota. If you’re new to grilling steak, make sure you check out our guide to perfectly grilling steak before you get started.
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Grilled Peppered Steaks

I once wanted a peppered steak for supper, so I tossed together a rub of coarsely ground pepper, garlic salt, onion salt and paprika for this grilled steak recipe. My family thoroughly enjoyed it.—Stephanie Moon, Boise, Idaho.
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Grilled Steak Pinwheels Exps Sdjj18 2355 B02 09 1b 2

Grilled Steak Pinwheels

I’ve been serving this rolled streak with bacon, mushrooms, green onions, basil and chives to family and friends for 20 years. The rolls come together in a snap and only take about 6 minutes to grill. —Mary Hills, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Chocolate Chipotle Sirloin Steak Exps Cmz18 143322 D10 31 3b 7

Chocolate-Chipotle Sirloin Steak

Looking to do something a little different with grilled sirloin? Add a smoky heat and chocolaty rich color with this easy Worcestershire sauce, chipotle peppers, baking cocoa, brown sugar and salt rub. After marinating for about 2 hours, grill the sirloin for 10 minutes on each side. And that’s it! —Healthy Cooking Test Kitchen

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Spicy Flank Steak

The cool and creamy sour cream sauce in this recipe is a wonderful accompaniment to the spicy steak. If you prefer, you can grill the steak over medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes on each side rather than broiling. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Simple Grilled Steak Fajitas

After moving to a new state with two toddlers in tow, I came up with effortless fajitas. All you have to do is rub the steak with seasonings, grill the onions, peppers and steak for about 5 minutes on each side and dinner is ready.—Shannen Mahoney, Odessa, Missouri
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Grilled Ribeye with Garlic Blue Cheese Mustard Sauce

This mustard and blue cheese sauce is slowly simmered with half-and-half and garlic for a delicious addition to a grilled steak. My husband and I make this recipe to celebrate our anniversary each year! —Ashley Lecker, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Steak with Chipotle-Lime Chimichurri

Steak gets a flavor kick from chimichurri, which is a blend of parsley, cilantro, red onion, chipotle peppers, garlic, vinegar, lime, oregano and oil. Paired with a simple grilled steak, this herby recipe makes a wonderful summer dinner. —Laureen Pittman, Riverside, California
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Grilled Marinated Ribeyes Exps Sdjj17 26398 C02 15 3b 12

Grilled Marinated Ribeyes

These juicy steaks are a favorite meal of ours when we go camping. Let them sit in this tangy marinade of barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, soy sauce, hot pepper sauce, vinegar and seasonings, overnight and you’ve got a hearty dinner ready to grill up the next day. —Louise Graybiel, Toronto, Ontario
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Flank Steak with Cilantro Salsa Verde

Even though steak is always a winner in our house, to make it even more special I add salsa verde and top with freshly chopped tomato and avocado. —Lily Julow, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Garlic Grilled Steaks

Take steak to new flavor heights by basting your choice of cuts with an amazing garlicky blend of salt and pepper, oil, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. Just grill the steaks for about 6 minutes on each side before basting for a mouthwatering change of taste at your next outdoor gathering. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Grilled Onion Skirt Steak Tacos Exps Ftts21cb 194481 B08 20 4b 19

Grilled Onion & Skirt Steak Tacos

I grew up watching my grandmother and mother in the kitchen. My grandparents came from Mexico, and this steak marinated in beer and lime juice honors their passion for cooking. After marinating, all I have to do is grill the steak and spring onions for a few minutes for a dinner that’s just as good as grandma used to make. —Adan Franco, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Grilled Ribeyes with Browned Garlic Butter

Use the smoke of the grill to flavor the ribeyes, then serve them with this garlicky butter for a standout entree your friends and family always remember. —Arge Salvatori, Little Ferry, New Jersey
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Chili-Rubbed Steak with Black Bean Salad

Busy weeknights don’t stop my husband from firing up the grill. This meal-in-one comes together fast with a simple spice rub, steak that grills up in minutes and ready-made rice.—Naylet LaRochelle, Miami, Florida
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Hash Brown-Topped Steak

My husband and I enjoy cooking together. One night, we were craving grilled steak and cheese-stuffed baked potatoes, but we didn’t want to wait for the potatoes to cook. Here’s what we invented instead. After grilling the steak and sauteeing cheesy hashbrowns, we combined the two for a hearty meal. —Judy Armstrong, Prairieville, Louisiana
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Easy Marinated Flank Steak

I got this marinade recipe from a friend’s collection many years ago. It’s a must when we’re having company, and I love how easily the marinate and grilling is. —Debbie Bonczek, Tariffville, Connecticut
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Grilled Steaks with Greek Relish

My grilled ribeye steak is first given a spritz of lemon juice, grilled and then topped with a tomato, onion, olives, cilantro and garlic relish. It showcases the flavors of Greece my husband and I were introduced to while on a cruise. We like it with pita bread and hummus. —Mary Lou Cook, Welches, Oregon
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Caribbean Grilled Ribeyes Exps119925 Sd2847494b02 14 2b Rms 8

Caribbean Grilled Ribeyes

I made this mind-blowing steak with my father-in-law in mind. It involves marinating the steak in a mix of honey, jerk seasoning, habanero and Dr. Pepper—yes, Dr. Pepper—then throwing it on the grill. —De’Lawrence Reed, Durham, North Carolina
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Flank Steak with Cilantro & Blue Cheese Butter

After letting flank steak marinate in a combination of citrus, honey, cider vinegar and soy sauce, I love it grill it up and serve it with the strong tang of a blue cheese butter. And my kids just love flank steak. —Gwen Wedel, Augusta, Michigan
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Summer Steak Kabobs

These steak kabobs not only satisfy my love of outdoor cooking, but they also feature a mouthwatering marinade, too. After tenderizing the beef in the marinade, string it on a stick with peppers, onion and squash for a well-rounded and delicious meal. . —Christi Ross, Guthrie, Texas
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Southwest Steak & Potatoes

Few recipes are as easy as this Southwest-inspired steak and potatoes. Simply soften the potatoes in the microwave while you season the steak. Then, grill the steak and potatoes over medium heat for about 15 minutes. And that’s it! —Kenny Fisher, Lancaster, Ohio
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Grilled Tender Flank Steak

This marinated steak is so moist that it will become one of your favorite ways to serve beef. You can prepare it on the grill by grilling it over medium heat for about 8-10 minutes on each side. Then it can be easily cut into thin slices. —Heather Ahrens, Columbus, Ohio

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Grilled Steaks with Marinated Tomatoes

The flavor of the tomatoes improves after they marinate in a mixture of beer, raspberry vinaigrette, oil and seasonings overnight. After coating the steak in a rub made of my favorite seasonings, I grill them and top ’em with the tomatoes. Our family likes these steaks best served with cheesy potatoes or glazed green beans on the side.—Anna Davis, Half Way, Missouri
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Grilled Steak And Mushroom Salad Exps Sdas18 34012 C03 30  1b 8

Grilled Steak and Mushroom Salad

My husband loves this pairing of lightly seasoned grilled steak, sauteed mushroom and fresh greens, especially during summertime. He says he feels like he’s eating a healthy salad and getting his steak, too! I always serve it with some homemade bread.

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