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10 Unique Slow Cooker Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Love your slow cooker? Show it off at your next potluck with one of these fun slow cooker accessories!

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Magnetic Labelsvia

Magnetic Labels

Use your favorite dry erase color to proudly display which delicious dish you’ve prepared on one of these magnetic labels ($4). These are ideal for writing or drawing to distinguish your dish at the next potluck, or—if you have a partner that likes to taste before the meal is done—writing a loving message, like “KEEP OUT.” Speaking of potlucks, make one of these delicious recipes for your next gathering.

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Fan-Approved Decalsvia

Fan-Approved Decals

Whether you’ve channeled your Patronus, committed to the Force or love displaying your favorite sports team at every opportunity, there’s no shame in honoring your favorite fandom with colorful slow cooker stickers ($10). Go with a simplistic design or opt for an over-the-top array.

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Personalized Magnetsvia

Personalized Magnets

Magnets are a great way to add some personality to your slow cooker. You can take it upon yourself to make your own magnets with your favorite photos, or find a set that speak to you—like this cat lady set ($7).

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Classy Decalsvia

Classy Decals

Want to add a little class to your slow cooker? Find tasteful decals with pleasant designs, like this set of geranium flower decals from Amazon ($12). If you’re particularly crafty, you could draw your own vines with permanent markers—just make sure you’re careful!

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Lid Lockvia

Lid Lock

If you plan on transporting the contents of your slow cooker to a friend’s house or community potluck, you’ll want to secure your appliance to ensure it doesn’t leak. Pick up a colorful lid lock with a design that pops ($30) to help it stand out among the crowd. Bring one of these dishes to your next summer shindig.

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Scrabble Magnetsvia

Scrabble Magnets

A set of letter magnets that doubles as a fun game and a way to spell out what you’re cooking? These scrabble magnets ($11) fit perfectly on your slow cooker, and you can change them every day, depending on the dish (or your mood).

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Note Clipsvia

Note Clips

Attaching magnetic note clips ($10) to the side of your slow cooker is a great way to keep the recipe pinned while your cooking—never forget an ingredient! Even better, it’s a great way to easily display ingredients for your guests, helping those with food allergies know what to avoid. Here are more ways to label your food at the buffet table.

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Waterproof Covervia

Waterproof Cover

After your slow cooker has been cleared, cleaned and prepped for storage, keep it covered in style with a patterned cover made for your appliance. An easy slip-on cover ($16) will protect your slow cooker from accumulating kitchen gunk, but also keeps your appliance accessible. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our favorite winning slow cooker recipes.

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Measurement Chartvia

Measurement Chart

Honestly, as soon as you put one of these on your slow cooker, you’ll want to get more for your fridge, your oven and maybe even your office. A magnetic measurement chart ($7) will help you remember your conversions—like how many ounces are in a cup. Ideal for prepping any slow cooker dish, from soups to pastas.

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Roll over image to zoom in The Lakeside Collection Slow Cooker Carriers - Damaskvia

Decorative Travel Case

Slow cooker dishes were made for sharing. Make your favorite potluck meal, then take your entire slow cooker to the party with a decorative travel case ($22) that matches your personality. We like this black and white one from Amazon. Need a good recipe to share? Try one of our most-shared slow cooker recipes.

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