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14 Best Vacuums for Dog and Cat Hair

Is your pet's fur attached to everything, everywhere? These must-have vacuums will eradicate this hairy problem in your home.

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Vacuum cleaner against concrete wallZYN CHAKRAPONG/SHUTTERSTOCK

Not all vacuums are created equal

When it comes to cleaning up after your pet, not just any vacuum will do. Instead, look for one that’s designed to handle the special challenges that come with having a roommate covered in fur. “The primary design considerations for pet hair include preventing pet hair from wrapping on the brush roll, preventing pet hair from clogging the system, efficient separation of pet hair for ease of emptying and filter designs that reduce or eliminate pet smells,” says Kevin Pohlman, Vice President of Engineering at Hoover. Thankfully, there are a ton of options out there that fit the bill. These are the best vacuums on the market to get rid of the pet hair that’s taking over your home.

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Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuumvia

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum

Dyson’s Animal Ball 2 has counter-rotating brush heads that help remove pet hair from everything—from your couch to your shag carpeting. The particularly great thing about this vacuum: There’s no brush bar for all that hair to get stuck around. Vacuums Guide calls this Dyson model “an amazing work of art” and reports that it works great on all types of flooring, including carpets, hardwood, tile and vinyl.

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuumvia

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum

The Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum from Bissell has a tangle-free brush roll for cleaning pet hair and can transition seamlessly between an upright vacuum and a detachable portable canister vacuum, so you can this one wherever you need to clean. The vacuum also has a “cyclonic pet hair spooling system” that keeps debris together and makes it easy to empty the vacuum when the time comes. The Best Cordless Vacuum Guide notes that the tangle-free brush roll can also be useful if people with long hair live in your household. By the way, here’s the laundry trick that will get pet hair out of your clothes.

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Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M

Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M

With a brush system that both deep cleans carpets and gives hardwoods a polished look, the Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M is hard to beat. One amazing feature: The “Zero-M” technology removes hair wrap from the brush roll as it happens, so you don’t have to dig inside for it later. TechGearLab even named it the “best upright vacuum you can buy,” thanks to its fantastic cleaning performance as well as its ability to pick up pet hair. Don’t miss these pet products that have almost perfect reviews on Amazon.

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Black+Decker Powerseries Pro Cordless Lithium 2-in-1 Pet Vacuumvia

Black+Decker Powerseries Pro Cordless Lithium 2-in-1 Pet Vacuum

The Black+Decker Powerseries Pro Cordless Lithium 2in1 Pet Stick Vacuum was built specifically with pet hair in mind. It has anti-tangle rubber bristles for lifting hair that’s stuck deep in carpets, and it also comes with a pet-crevice and pet-brush attachment. Vacuum Cleaner Advisor adds that this two-in-one vacuum is easy to assemble, lightweight and works well on hardwood floors. This is the top hardwood cleaner, according to our editors.

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Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleanervia

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Not only can this Bissell model vacuum up your pet’s messes—it can also wash your carpets and hardwood floors. The vacuum has a tangle-free brush roll, pet hair strainer and a specially engineered multi-surface pet formula for scrubbing. Dirty water and debris are also separated within the vacuum for easy cleaning. Plus, you can feel extra good about this purchase: $10 of the sale of each vacuum goes to the Bissell Pet Foundation to help animals in need. Check out these 12 other companies that donate a portion of sales to charity.

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Hoover Fusion Pet V2 Cordless Stick Vacuumvia

Hoover Fusion Pet V2 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Not all floors require the same type of cleaning. That’s where Hoover’s Fusion Pet V2 Cordless Stick Vacuum comes in. It has a built-in dashboard that allows you to select the cleaning mode you’d like, ensuring you get the perfect clean for different kinds of flooring. The cordless vacuum also has a rapid charge and comes with a pet-upholstery tool for tackling your pet’s messes. Here’s how to pet-proof your home like a pro.

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuumvia

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Cord-free and lightweight, Dyson’s Cyclone V10 is easy to tote around your home. It has three different suction modes, so you can choose the one best suited to handle whatever type of mess you’re encountering. This vacuum also transforms into a handheld when you need it to, so you can clean all the pet hair our of your vehicle with it as well. Speaking of hard-to-reach spots, take a look at these tips for cleaning 10 tough items in your home.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuumvia

Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuum

This vacuum is not only good for pet hair but also a win for those who might suffer from asthma or allergies since it has a self-sealing bag that keeps debris out of the air. The vacuum also has high suction power and a swivel neck for maximum maneuverability. Whether or not you suffer from pet-related breathing issues, make sure you know these cleaning tips for those with allergies.

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Hoover PowerDrive Pet Upright Vacuumvia

Hoover PowerDrive Pet Upright Vacuum

Featuring an advanced-action brush tool, this upright from Hoover is engineered to handle embedded dirt and hair without creating hair wrap. It also comes with other multi-purpose tools that help get pet hair in hard-to-reach places, as well as a quick-release cleaning wand to transition between carpet cleaning to above-floor cleaning without interrupting the suction.

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Eureka FloorRover Upright Vacuumvia

Eureka FloorRover Upright Vacuum

Eureka’s FloorRover Upright Vacuum is a best-seller on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it more affordable than some of the options on the market—it also has a particularly strong suction system. The vacuum is great at getting pet hair off of stairs, bedding and upholstery, as well as easy to maneuver in tough-to-reach places. By the way, make sure you don’t forget these 10 places you’re probably not vacuuming—but should be.

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Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 Upright Bagless Vacuumvia

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 Upright Bagless Vacuum

This Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet is one of Groom + Style’s top picks for vacuums to combat pet hair. The vacuum has a tangle-free brush roll as well as a multi-cyclonic pet-hair spooling system—both of which make cleaning up Fido’s hair a bit easier. Groom + Style said the vacuum stood out for its selection of pet-hair tools, including a “TurboErase” attachment used to get hair out of thick carpeting.

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Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lovervia

Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover

The attachments designed specifically to handle pet hair aren’t the Eureka Might Mite’s only amazing feature. Its Arm & Hammer Dust Bag helps eliminate pet odors, so you aren’t smelling all that old collected hair; plus, it captures allergy-causing pet dander. The vacuum’s 20-foot cord also makes it easy to take this one anywhere you need to clean. Of course, a vacuum isn’t the only tool you need in your cleaning arsenal. Here are 17 easy ways you can clean your cleaning tools.

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Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Corded Uprightvia

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Corded Upright

If dirt and pet hair always seems to get stuck in the most hard-to-reach places, then the Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless might be perfect for you. Its swivel-and-swerve technology can maneuver swiftly into all of your home’s nooks and crannies. Plus, it comes with a “Turboclaw” pet tool that traps odor and prevents hair wrap.

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Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Bagged Uprightvia

Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright

Does nothing seem to work on your plethora of pet fur? Meet the Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright. It boasts an exceptionally powerful suction, which the company says gives it 20 percent more air power than conventional upright vacuums. You can also use the telescoping wand on the vacuum and the pet “handi-mate” attachment to clean everything from pet dander to cobwebs with ease. Infrared dirt sensors in the vacuum will also allow you to see hidden dirt and dander so you can get a thorough clean. Aside from choosing the right vacuum, these are the best cleaning products according to our Test Kitchen.

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