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17 Waffle House Copycat Recipes

Recreate the iconic flavor of a Waffle House waffle in your own home. We've pulled together a some amazing copycat recipes for you to enjoy.

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Inspired By: Regular WaffleTaste of Home

Inspired By: Regular Waffle

These melt-in-your-mouth waffles are so tender, you can skip butter and syrup. (But why would you want to?) They are a pretty perfect copycat version of the classic Waffle House waffle recipe. —James Schend, Food Editor, Taste of Home magazine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Homemade Biscuits Maple Sausage Gravy Exps Bmz19 77119 B11 29 2b 5

Inspired By: Biscuit & Gravy

I remember digging into flaky, gravy-smothered biscuits on Christmas morning and other special occasions when I was a child. What a satisfying way to start the day! —Jenn Tidwell, Fair Oaks, California

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Inspired By: Bacon Angus Cheeseburger

We do a lot of camping and outdoor cooking. This all-American, homemade hamburger recipe is on our menu more than any other food. —Diane Hixon, Niceville, Florida

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Inspired By: Texas Bacon Lover's BLTTaste of Home

Inspired By: Texas Bacon Lover's BLT

Here’s my twist on the classic BLT. Creamy avocado, balsamic mayo and crisp salad greens make this version legendary in my book. For a lighter take, I often use turkey bacon. —Ami Boyer, San Francisco, California

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Inspired By: Pecan WaffleTaste of Home

Inspired By: Pecan Waffle

Your bunch will say a big "yes" to breakfast when these wonderful waffles are on the menu. —Susan Bell, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

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Inspired By: Fiesta Omelet

Inspired By: Fiesta Omelet

I created this dish when I needed to use up some black olives and jalapenos. With the abundant filling, two of these large omelets can feed four people if served with side dishes.—Jennine Victory, Bee Branch, Arkansas.

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Inspired By: Sausage, Egg & Cheese GritsTaste of Home

Inspired By: Sausage, Egg & Cheese Grits

I can't resist this breakfast casserole. It brings all of my favorites into one dish: creamy grits, tangy cheese, rich eggs and flavorful sausage. It's the perfect alternative to traditional breakfast casseroles. —Mandy Rivers, Lexington, South Carolina

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Inspired By: Grilled Chicken Biscuit

My 11-year-old son, Jake, invented these sliders at dinner one night when he plunked his chicken on a biscuit. The rest of us tried it his way, and now we have them a lot. —Jodie Kolsan, Palm Coast, Florida

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Inspired By: Southern Pecan PieTaste of Home

Inspired By: Southern Pecan Pie

When I first made the original recipe for this bourbon-splashed pie, I added some vanilla extract and eliminated the flour. We loved the result. —Paul Falduto, Efland, North Carolina

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Greek Pork ChopsTaste of Home

Inspired By: Papa Joe's Pork Chop

My in-laws taught me a lot about cooking, so any time I come across a great new recipe, I enjoy making it for them. These bright, lemony chops quickly became a favorite. —Geri Lipczynski, Oak Lawn, Illinois

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Stuffed Hash BrownsTaste of Home

Stuffed Hash Browns

Ever since we met, my husband has made me hash browns with bacon, pepper jack and sour cream. We share it when we have guests, too. —Annie Ciszak Pazar, Anchorage, Alaska

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Inspired By: Bert's ChiliTaste of Home

Inspired By: Bert's Chili

This chili may be loaded, but we love to build it up even more with toppings like pico de gallo, red onion, cilantro and cheese. —Mallory Lynch, Madison, Wisconsin

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Ham And Swiss Omelet Exps90569 Webcard1306 07 2bc Rms 4

Inspired By: Ham & Cheese Omelet

This easy omelet will be a snap to fix for breakfast or dinner. —Agnes Ward, Stratford, Ontario

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Inspired By: T-Bone Steak

Inspired By: T-Bone Steak

T-bone steak is a fairly tender cut, so there's no need to marinate. Punch up the flavor using loads of garlic. —Kevin Black, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Inspired By: Grilled CheeseTaste of Home

Inspired By: Grilled Cheese

These gooey grilled cheese sandwiches taste great for lunch with sliced apples. And they're really fast to whip up, too. Here's how to make grilled cheese the right way. —Kathy Norris, Streator, Illinois

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Inspired By: Peanut Butter WafflesTaste of Home

Inspired By: Peanut Butter Waffles

I love bananas and I love to make breakfast, too. These are a refreshing change from your everyday waffles. I like to make big batches so I can freeze the leftovers and reheat them later for a quick breakfast. —Christina Addison, Blanchester, Ohio

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Inspired By: Bacon Chicken Cheese SandwichTaste of Home

Inspired By: Bacon Chicken Cheese Sandwich

I created this chicken sandwich recipe based on a meal my daughter ordered at a restaurant. She likes to dip her sandwich in the extra honey-mustard sauce. —Marilyn Moberg, Papillion, Nebraska

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