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10 Clever Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Love

Say 'I do' appreciate you with these unique wedding party gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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Champagne Flutesvia

Champagne Flutes

Give your gift a classy, personal touch and toast your friends by name with personalized champagne flutes ($16). You can include each person’s wedding role and the date of the big day. And, pick up some “Mr.” and “Mrs.” glasses for yourself.

Purchase here.

Pair the glasses with one of our favorite champagnes.

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A Little "Bubbly"via

A Little “Bubbly”

After the reception, a little bubbly (sans wine headache) might be just the thing. A bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne Wine ($21) is perfect for non-imbibers and over-imbibers alike.

Purchase here.

Drink your “bubbly” with one of these hangover-busting breakfast sandwiches.

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Vinegar Champagnevia

Champagne Vinegar

You’ve tossed the bouquet, now help your friends toss together a tasty salad! This delicate champagne vinegar ($15) will be a treat for any foodie in the bridal party since it gives the simplest salad something extra.

Purchase here.

These tasty salads are ready in just 30 minutes.

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Personalized Tumblersvia

Personalized Tumblers

You can’t drink bubbly all the time! These personalized tumblers ($72 for 4) will still let the bridal party keep toasting.

Purchase here.

Fill the tumblers with these delicious brunch drinks.

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people group catering buffet food indoor in luxury restaurant with meat colorful fruits and vegetables; Shutterstock ID 139462826; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of Homedotshock/Shutterstock

Steak Sampler

If your wedding party includes some carnivores, this Omaha Steaks “Entertainment Sampler” ($50) will add a little sizzle to your thank you. It contains sirloins, burgers, jumbo franks and steak fries.

Purchase here.

Use the bounty in one of our tasty steak recipes.

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Fran’s Chocolates Smoked Salt Caramelsvia

Sweet Chocolates

These smoked salt chocolates ($16) are a sweet and salty addition to any bridal party gift basket. The subtle, smoky flavor is perfect when paired with steaks or champagne. But who are we kidding? Chocolate goes with everything.

Purchase here.

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Wine Accessoriesvia

Wine Accessories

Aside from the perfect cheese pairing, wine lovers really want fun accessories—like this all-in-one gift set. ($50). It comes with a corkscrew, aerator, bottle stoppers and more.

Purchase here.

Speaking of cheese—check out this cheesy wedding cake trend.

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Set of 4 Handblown Glassesvia

Drinking Glasses

Not only are these hand-blown and handcrafted aqua glasses ($48 for 4) gorgeous, but they’re also made from recycled bottles. Each set is handmade by artisans from Jalisco, Mexico.

Purchase here.

Did you know you should keep the cap on when recycling bottles? Here’s why.

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Breakfast Basketvia

Breakfast Basket

What’s better after a night of celebrating than breakfast in bed the next morning (or afternoon)? This luxury gift box ($36) is packed with treats—including tea, Scottish shortbread and a trio of jams.

Purchase here.

Here’s the secret to the best shortbread.

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Coffee Gift Boxvia

Coffee Gift Box

Make their mornings happier long after you’ve left on the honeymoon with a Starbucks coffee gift box ($41). They’ll wake up to four varieties of coffee, instant coffee and spiced chocolate biscotti.

Purchase here.

Ever wondered how Starbucks got its name?

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