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What to Make With Every Type of Baking Chip

There's so much more than just basic chocolate chips! We've got amazing recipes that make use of the classics, mini chips, butterscotch chips and much more.

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Semisweet Chocolate Chips

Semisweet chocolate chips are a pantry staple. These go-to chips are the heavy-hitters in so many of our favorite recipes like these big and buttery chocolate chip cookies (our Test Kitchen’s favorite recipe). But don’t sleep on these chips! They can do so much more than chocolate chippers—we’ve got recipes for elegant truffles, over-the-top cakes and much more.

Get all of our best semisweet chocolate chip recipes here.

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Mini Chocolate Chips

What is it about everything miniature that’s just so cute and extra appealing (just look at these mini desserts)? We love to stir mini chips into just about any bake. They add flavor and just a bit of charm—just look at this chocolate chip cranberry bread.

Get all of our best mini chocolate chip recipes here.

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Peanut Butter Chips

Add more peanut butter flavor to your favorite desserts with peanut butter baking chips! These chips are way easier to measure than the stuff in the jar. Plus they make desserts like these peanut butter dream bars really come alive.

Get our best peanut butter chip recipes here.

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Milk Chocolate Chips

When you’re looking for something a bit smoother and sweeter than traditional semisweet chips, opt for milk chocolate. These morsels make all sorts of bakes—like these peanut butter cake bars—feel homier.

Get all our best milk chocolate chip recipes here.

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White Chocolate Chips

Ultra sweet white chocolate pairs well with so many flavors—like tart cranberries and salty walnuts in this white candy bark recipe. This versatile chip deserves a spot in your pantry, and we’ve got the recipes to prove it.

Get our best white chocolate chip recipes here.

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Butterscotch Chips

Butterscotch chips add a bit of old-fashioned flavor to recipes. Get that hint of buttery sweetness in recipes like these monster cookies and then bake your way through the rest of our favorites.

Get all of our best butterscotch chip recipes here.

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Dark Chocolate Chips

Dark chocolate adds a bit of refinement and decadence to any dessert. The deep flavor of this chocolate pairs so well with flavors like mint, coffee and particularly ginger, as is the case with these gingered truffles.

Get all of our best dark chocolate chip recipes here.

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Chocolate Chunks

For when you need just a little extra chocolate in each bite, grab a bag of chocolate chunks. They give recipes like these chocolate malted cookies more personality.

Get all of our best chocolate chunk recipes here.

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Mint Chips

Mint chips are an easy way to add minty flavor to any bake without the fuss of mint extract. This chocolate mint truffle tart (and lots of other great recipes) get a lift thanks to mint baking chips. So grab a bag (these are our editors’ favorites) and get baking!

Get all of our best mint chip recipes here.

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Cinnamon Chips

While cinnamon baking chips aren’t as common as chocolate chips, they’re so worth experimenting with at home. This snickerdoodle cheesecake gets so much extra flavor and texture thanks to these chips.

Get all of our best cinnamon chip recipes here.

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