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Here’s What Will & Kate Served at Their Wedding Feast

We're taking a look back at what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had on the menu for their big day.

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Taste of Home

Marinated South Uist Salmon

In April 2011, guests attending Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding breakfast were served a fish dish sourced from South Uist, a Scottish island known for its wild-caught salmon. The salmon was paired with Lyme Bay crab and wild langoustines (which are essentially a smaller member of the lobster family).

Eat like a royal. Try this copycat seafood recipe you can totally handle.

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saladTaste of Home

Fresh Herb Salad

A mix of bright greenery adds a light element to an otherwise rich menu. Build your own herb salad by starting with fresh greens like chervil, dill, parsley and basil (you can even grow your own), then drizzle with a light lemony vinaigrette.

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Organic Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic and LimeShutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Saddle of North Highland Mey Select Organic Lamb

Lamb is an interesting choice for a wedding… but when it’s fresh from Prince Charles’ organic farm and with a side of Highgrove vegetables, it must be good!

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Taste of Home

English Asparagus

Since the royal wedding took place in April, guests enjoyed some of the freshest seasonal vegetables for spring like crisp asparagus. This green veggie is something Brits are known for–asparagus grown in England has 7x the antioxidants of other varieties.

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Man Holding Home Grown Jersey Royal PotatoesShutterstock/SpeedKingz

Jersey Royal Potatoes

These aren’t your average potatoes! Jersey Royals have a unique, sweet flavor thanks to where and how they’re grown on the island of Jersey. Many chefs recommend boiling the potatoes, leaving the skins on for maximum nutrients and taste and serving with a pat of butter.

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Hollandaise sauce, a basic sauce of the French cuisine, served in a sauce boat, ingredients in the back, photographed with natural light (Selective Focus in the middle of the imageShutterstock/Ildi Papp

Windsor Sauce

Placed on the side of the asparagus for dipping, this special sauce is made with egg, chives and onion. It’s very similar to a traditional Hollandaise sauce and the decadent creamy blend is the perfect complement to crisp asparagus stalks.

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ice creamShutterstock/ 3523studio

Honey Ice Cream

The trick to elevating every kid’s favorite frozen dessert for a royal wedding? Pick an unexpected flavor, like Berkshire honey.

Pro tip: If you want to make your own ice cream, it’s probably best to avoid the honey at the supermarket and opt to buy it fresh.

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cheesecakeTaste of Home

Sherry Trifle

A sherry trifle is one of the most traditional (and popular) British desserts. Full of ladyfinger cookies, custard, preserves and, of course, topped with whipped cream, it’s a heavenly treat. The best part: It’s surprisingly simple to make at home.

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Closeup shot from hands holding a teacup and pouring teaShutterstock / borsmenta

Mint Tea

No proper English event is complete without a pot of tea. While any flavor would do, fresh mint is a delicious way to cleanse the palate and perk you up to avoid the post-meal sleepiness. It also helps with indigestion–and don’t forget a few drops of honey!

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