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25 of the Best Wine Gift Ideas That Aren’t a Bottle of Vino

From gadgets to board games, these gift ideas for wine lovers go perfectly with a glass of vino. Cheers!

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Vochill Personal Wine Chiller Via via

VoChill Personal Wine Chiller

There’s nothing worse on a warm summer night than to reach for your glass of white wine, only for it to be hot and practically undrinkable. Instead of watering down a glass of wine with ice cubes, turn to the VoChill personal wine chiller. The cradle can be kept in the freezer or fridge, then attached to the elegantly designed stand and you’re ready to chill! This gadget would make a lovely hostess gift.

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Wine Bottle CoastersVia MuddyPawsPotteryShop/

Wine Bottle Coasters

These wine bottle coasters are perfect for sweating bottles and less-than-perfect pours. The ceramic dish (which comes in three glazes) catches stray condensation and drips to save your tables and countertops from water stains. Try it with these types of wine a sommelier suggests you should try.

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Riedel Pinot Noir Glasses Via Williams Sonomavia

Wine Glasses

When in doubt, go with a pair of really nice wine glasses. Family-owned Riedel is one of the oldest crystal glass brands around and they specialize in glasses that are specifically tailored to the type of wine that will be enjoyed from it. Pictured above are the brand’s pinot noir glasses, but you should treat your giftee to the glass of their favorite wine. For more options, here are our picks for the best wine glasses.

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Le Creuset Champagne StopperVia

Champagne Stopper

Okay, so leftover Champagne or sparkling wine might not be too common, but when the situation arises, your giftee will appreciate this Champagne Crown Sealer. From Le Creuset, the rubber stopper creates an airtight seal with just a push, locking that carbonation in for days. Check out these other tips for keeping Champagne fresh.

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Stemless Aerating Wine Glass Via via

Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

As any red wine lover knows, aerating can make or break a wine. This self-aerating wine glass set will allow oxidization and evaporation of the wine to bring out the bold and fruity notes while the more undesirable compounds, such as sulfites, are reduced. Plus, it looks really cool while doing it! If you’re new to wine, check out our ultimate guide to red wine types.

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Aerating Wine Decantervia SwoonLiving/

Wine Decanter

If you don’t want to aerate your wine by the glass, you have to get this beautiful decanter. The hand-blown glass holds an entire bottle of wine and will look stunning on your bar cart. By the way, here’s everything you’ll need for a home bar setup.

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Peugeot Clef Du Vin Wine Tool Via via

Clef Du Vin

This clef du vin wine tool actually mimics a wine’s true aging potential. Simply place the wand in the glass of wine and let it get to work. It works on all types of wine, and the longer it is in contact with the wine the more dramatic the effects will be. I was admittedly skeptical at first, but with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and a two-year warranty, you have nothing to lose! By the way, this is the right way to polish a wine glass.

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Genuine Fred Pickled Wine Stopper Via via

Pickle Wine Stopper

Get a giggle out of your giftee with this pickle-shaped wine stopper. It’ll preserve leftover wine just as well as, well, pickling! Or try one of these flavorful ways to finish a bottle of wine.

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Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew Via via

Electric Bottle Opener

Every wine lover needs one of these electric bottle openers. It’s slim, making it easy to store just about anywhere in your kitchen or home bar and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. (Don’t feel like buying those 30 bottles in person? Check out the best wine delivery services.) The device will remove both natural and synthetic corks and is so efficient that you’ll have more time to enjoy the sweeter things in life.

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Wine Trails Book Via via

Wine Trails Book

Anyone who loves wine and traveling will adore this wine trail guide from ​​Lonely Planet. The travel guide offers tips for 52 weekend trips to wine countries in the US and abroad. By the way, these are the best places to drink wine that aren’t in California.

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Wine Wipes Via via

Wine Wipes

Okay, you know the person who invented these wine wipes had their fair share of teeth stains. As much as we love our bold and beautiful reds, what they do to our teeth? Not so much. Keep a stash of these at the ready when you’re hosting a wine tasting party.

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Wine Bottle Puzzle Via via

Wine Bottle Puzzle

Honestly, I don’t know if this wine bottle puzzle is for wine lovers, or wine-lover haters. Only the truly tortured soul would tempt a wine lover with such an obstacle. On the plus side, your wine is sure to taste even sweeter after it has been earned. Enclose one of these white wine bottles (for under $20!) in the trap.

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Bigmouth Wine Bottle Glass Via via

Wine Bottle Glass

For when a typical wine glass just isn’t going to cut it (and you’ve drawn the line at actually drinking from the bottle), this wine bottle glass is perfect. “Just one glass tonight,” right?

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Suctioned Wine Glass Holder

Who wouldn’t love a little bubbly during their bubble bath? The problem: Where to put your glass. With all the soap and suds it’s easy to knock your glass right off the edge of the tub. Well, not anymore! With this suctioned wine glass holder, your wine of choice will always be within arm’s reach.

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Wine “Welcome” Mat

We all have that one friend who is first to volunteer to bring the wine for the potluck, but seems to always forget to bring it. This sassy welcome mat will prevent that awkward moment right at the door.

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Outdoor Wine Table

This adorable portable wine table is perfect for a backyard picnic. The clever design holds a wine bottle, four stemmed wine glasses and has four indents for snacks like charcuterie, cheese and crackers. Plus, it can be personalized! Browse this list of super simple food and wine parings before you set it up.

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Primeware Insulated Wine Purse Via via

Conceal Wine Purse

Have you ever shown up to a party and brought a bottle of wine like a good guest only to have it disappear before you can have a glass? Well, this concealed wine purse is exactly what you need. Bring a bottle for the house, but pour another in the removable bladder for your own special reserve. There’s even a pour spout on the side for discreet refills!

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Wine Bottle And Cup Stakes Via via

Wine Stakes

These handy wine stakes will keep your wine glass (and bottle!) steady and close by. They’re perfect for a picnic on the beach or for a backyard barbecue.

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Wine Cooling Cups

With these wine cooling cups your wine will remain chilled without the dilution from ice cubes—perfect for summer entertaining. And with the BPA-free silicone band, your wine will be cold but your hands won’t!

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Upcycled Wine Bottle Heart Chime

This adorable, handmade wind chime is made from an upcycled wine bottle and cork right here in the USA. The charm will look (and sound!) amazing hanging in any backyard or front porch.

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Wine Opoly Via via


OK, we know you’re a true wine lover if you own this Wine-Opoly game. It’s similar to the original game except you round the board to “Cheers” instead of “Go,” (along with some other clever changes). Invite some friends over and play a game alongside one of our sangria recipes.

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Purewine Wine Filters Via via

Wine Filters

These wine filters are some of the most amazing wine-related inventions to date. Just a swirl of the wand will give you a purely delicious glass of wine without the histamines and sulfite preservatives (which are what cause the allergenic symptoms in many people, such as stuffy nose and headaches).

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Flaskscarf Flask Scarf Via Amazon.comvia

Flask Scarf

Keep your friends close and your wine even closer. It’s no problem with this flask scarf. The lightweight material comes in a variety of styles and can be worn both in warm and cool weather. Another fun idea? Finding out which wine matches your zodiac sign.

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Cooper Cooler Wine Chiller Via via

Rapid Beverage Chiller

You can always be prepared for unexpected company with this rapid beverage chiller. In just six minutes, your room-temperature wine will be chilled to perfection! While you’re at it, make sure you’re storing wine the right way.

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Coravin Wine By The Glass System Via via

Wine by the Glass System

Naturally, we’ve saved the best for last. This beautiful device inserts a needle through the cork and dispenses a perfect pour; when it is removed the cork reseals itself, so you can enjoy just one glass at a time. Incredible, right?

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