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How to Throw a Gold Medal-Winning Winter Olympics Party

Love the Winter Olympics? Can't get to South Korea to see the events in person? Well, how about throwing a gold medal-winning Winter Olympics viewing party? We're here to tell you how.

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White Olympics Flag against the blue sky showing the rings of olympics logo. Illustrative editorial manipulationPhoto: Shutterstock / Creative Photo Corner

The ultimate 2018 Winter Olympics viewing party would, of course, involve a trip to Pyeongchang, South Korea, to watch 90 countries compete in more than a dozen sports with 102 medaling opportunities over the 17 days beginning Feb. 9. Luckily, for the first time ever, the Olympics will be broadcast live in all time zones (thank you, NBC!). That means you can schedule your viewing party to coincide with your favorite events, and there’ll be no spoilers!

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Olympic party invitationsPhoto: AmysSimpleDesigns via Etsy

Do your invites right

Everyone gets excited for a theme party, especially when it starts with an invitation that screams the theme. Design your invites to prominently feature the Olympic flag, with its colorful interlaced rings. Level up by making them ticket-shaped (like Etsy designer AmysSimpleDesigns did) adding a South Korean flag (white with a blue and red yin-and-yang-like swirl).

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Group of sport supporters at stadium - Fans of diverse nations screaming to support their teams - Multi-ethnic people having fun and celebrating on tribune at a sport eventPhoto: Shutterstock/oneinchpunch

“Impose” a dress code

Taking the theme to an even higher level, consider asking your guests to dress in a way that represents their favorite participating nation, Olympic sport or event. Or they can come as their favorite Olympian of all time, or dress in one of the six colors that appear on the Olympic flag (blue, yellow, black, green, red or white). So many possibilities!

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Barbecue grill,Korean cuisinePhoto: Shutterstock/mirtmirt

Make Korean barbecue

Nothing says Korea like a classic Korean barbecue, which traditionally involves a tabletop grill. Figure you’ll need one grill for every eight guests, plus plenty of ventilation (and parental supervision). Korean barbecue consists of veggies and meats, sliced thin and marinated, which your guests can grill themselves. Offer dipping sauces, lettuce wrappers, rice and garnishes like cilantro, sesame seeds and infused oils. Or, skip the grill and make Korean Beef and Rice or Korean Pulled Pork Tacos.

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Pick your decor theme

Go with international (like this whole suite of Olympics party printables from BirdsPartySupplies on Etsy), winter or the colors of the Olympic flag. Or, give a nod to one—or several—Winter Olympics sports, which include skiing, curling, snowboarding, bobsledding, figure skating, hockey, luge and speed skating. Posters or images printed from the Internet will come in handy if you go with the sports theme.

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Delicious coctails garnished with fruitsPhoto: Shutterstock/Ingrid Balabanova

Serve themed drinks

Make pitchers of cocktails and mocktails that match the colors of the Olympic rings: blueyellow, black, green and red. Want to include the flag’s white background, too? Try Snow Punch!

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Corfu, Greece - April 23, 2016: The Olympic flame is symbolically passed from one torch to another after the official ceremonial lightingPhoto: Shutterstock/ Ververidis Vasilis

Light the torch

No Winter Olympics party would be complete without a ceremonial torch-lighting. This is where your Korean barbecue plays a dual role. Not only will your guests cook their dinner on the tabletop burners, but the lighting of the burners can be played as an “official” torch-lighting ceremony. Take this opportunity to demonstrate how to grill the meats and veggies (lay a piece on the grill plate, allow it to cook for one minute per side). Then let your guests play with their food!

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Music smartphone in female hand, on home interior backgroundPhoto: Shutterstock/Africa Studio

Blast an Olympian playlist

For your playlist, go with Korean music, Olympic-themed music (think “Chariots of Fire,” “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” and other works of symphonic grandeur), or music about playing and winning (Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” Santana’s “I’m Winning,” Foreigner’s “I’m Gonna Win” and the like).

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Mocha baked AlaskasPhoto: Taste of Home

Make a mountain for dessert

Question: What looks like a ski slope and tastes like heaven? Answer: Baked Alaska. (If you’re a mint-aholic, try this minty-delicious Grasshopper Baked Alaska.)

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Curling stones on icePhoto: Shutterstock/Aleksandra Suzi

Play a game

Don’t just watch the games—play one yourself! Compete with your friends by having a snowshoe race in the backyard. Or, DIY a tabletop curling board and play as you watch the pros on TV. At the end of the night, host an Olympics-worthy medal ceremony.

And don’t forget to…

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Meeting with the russian women handball team.Gold medals of Olympic Games in Rio demonstrationPhoto: Shutterstock/Maria Moskvitsova

Hand out medals

You can order pre-fab medals from Etsy or make them yourself using cardboard and paint. Then, either hang them from the ceiling, place them at table settings, award them in a comedic after-dinner ceremony or give them out in goodie bags with gummy Lifesavers in the colors of the Olympic rings.

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