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Your Signature Fall Dish, Based on Zodiac Sign

The stars have aligned to pick your signature fall dish.

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March 21 – April 19

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Aries: Best Ever Mac & Cheese

All Aries like to be number one, so it makes sense that they would indulge in our best-ever mac and cheese recipe. The dish also takes only 10 minutes to bake, which means that Aries can get right back to their active lifestyle after dinner.

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April 20 – May 20

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Taurus: Rich Rum Cake

Taureans are all about living luxuriously, and this rich rum cake uses only the finest ingredients. Topped with real whipped cream, it’s the perfect dessert to cozy up with on a crisp fall night.

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May 21 – June 20

Gemini: Party Potatoes

Gemini’s know they’re the life of the party, so why waste time in the kitchen? Whip up these party potatoes the day before a big bash.

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June 21 – July 22

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Cancer: Favorite Chicken Potpie

Cancer’s crave cozy. And what’s more comforting than a classic potpie? This famous fall dish is not only delicious, but it’s representative of the water sign’s personality. The crisp pie dough protects a soft, warm filling—just like a tough exterior protects a Cancer’s delicate emotions.

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July 23 – August 22

Leo: Decadent Fudge Cake

Leos are always looking for a taste of luxury, and this decadent fudge cake fits the bill. The rich cake and creamy white chocolate glaze are guaranteed to steal the show at any dinner table—just like a Leo.

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August 25 – September 22

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Virgo: Sesame Wheat Braids

Virgos are said to be represented by a goddess of wheat and agricultural, so it’s no surprise that this earth sign is craving homemade wheat bread. Our recipe uses whole ingredients to create a practical yet delicious dish.

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September 23 – October 22

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Libra: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Bake

Grilled cheese isn’t as good without its other half, tomato soup. And since every Libra knows that “we” is better than “me,” it makes sense that they’d choose to indulge in this dynamic food duo.

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October 23 – November 21

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Scorpio: Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno Poppers

These poppers are spicy, but after a few bites, you’ll get a hint of sweetness—just like a Scorpio. This water sign balances strength and intensity with a buried emotional side.

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November 22 – December 21

Vegetarian Pad Thai Exps Hck18 197935 B04 014 4b 7

Sagittarius: Vegetarian Pad Thai

Sagittarii love to travel and tell stories, making this dish bursting with global flavor the perfect centerpiece for a dinner party. Double (or triple!) the recipe to make sure there’s enough for all of your friends.

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December 22 – January 19

Capricorn: Spumoni Baked Alaska

Capricorns can come across as cold, but those who truly know them realize there’s a party animal underneath that hard exterior. This Baked Alaska is very similar: toasted meringue protects layers of fun ice cream flavors.

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January 20 – February 18

Poached Egg Buddha Bowls Exps Sdfm18 199436 D10 05 4b 1

Aquarius: Poached Egg Buddha Bowls

Aquariuses hate convention, so it makes sense that they would be on top of foodie trends. These Buddha Bowls are the latest meal craze, and they offer tons of nutrients to fuel Aquariuses as they strive to change the world.

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February 19 – March 20

Grandma S Chicken N Dumpling Soup Exps Chbz19 5165 C10 24 4b 19

Pisces: Grandma's Chicken 'n' Dumpling Soup

Pisces are one of the most emotional signs, and this fall they’re craving nostalgia. Go back in time with a recipe straight from Grandma’s recipe collection.

Katie Bandurski
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