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Is the grocery store is your home away from home? Check out the latest from your favorite supermarket and all the grocery store news you need to know.

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You Can Make a Costco Return Without a Receipt—Here’s How

Costco is making our lives easier once again.

The Dangerous Reason You Shouldn’t Eat from a Dented Can

To stay on the safe side, don't ignore that dent. Here's what to know before you open a dented can.

Can You Really Shop at Costco with a Gift Card But No Membership?

I tested the viral Costco gift card hack to see if it's too good to be true. But it worked...

Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards Results Are In!

Did your favorite goods win the gold in Trader Joe's Customer Choice Awards?

This Is Why Stores Ask for Your Phone Number at the Checkout

Here's why stores ask for personal information, like your phone number—and what to do about it.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Kirkland Signature Brand

Kirkland Signature products didn't appear until the '90s.

9 Items You Might Not Find in Your Grocery Store (And Why)

It looks like food shortages have continued into 2023. This is what might be causing the issue.

If You See Bloated Food Packaging, This Is What It Means

You'll want to steer clear of products with bloating packaging at the store. It's a food safety issue—here's why.

What’s the Difference Between Iceberg Lettuce and Romaine?

Is there a clear winner in the iceberg vs romaine debate?

All Target Stores Will Be Permanently Closed on Thanksgiving Moving Forward

You will no longer be able to run last minute Thanksgiving day errands at your favorite red department store.

This Costco Black Friday Hack Means Early Access to Some AMAZING Deals

This viral hack from TikTok shares how you can score on some major Costco deals this Black Friday—but with a...

Research Shows That People Most Often Forget THIS When Shopping for Thanksgiving

Check your list twice! You don't want to forget these Thanksgiving staples.

This Is Everything You Need to Know About Walmart’s Price Match Policy

Learn the Walmart Price Match rules, and end up with a better deal than you could have imagined!

The Aldi Return Policy Is Surprisingly Generous—Here’s What You Need to Know

What happens if Choceur chocolates don't live up to your expectations? The Aldi return policy will come in handy.

If You See Robots in Grocery Stores, Here’s What They’re Doing

This particular robot is affectionately called "Marty," and he's there to help keep you safe!