Nutrition Tips

This guide is packed with straightforward nutrition tips to help you eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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    How can I calculate calcium in milligrams based on food labels?

    DEAR PEGGY: Every physician I’ve seen has told me how much calcium I need in milligrams, but food labels list

    How much fiber does an avocado really have?

    Dear Peggy: I read a lot of nutrition articles and have a question about the fiber listed for avocado from

    Eggs, Egg Whites, Egg Substitute: Which do I use to be healthier?

    From p. 14 of the June/July 2008 Issue of Healthy Cooking

    How often should you eat yogurt?

    Dear Peggy: I’ve heard that you should eat yogurt every day. Is that a good idea? —L.P., Kalamazoo, Michigan Yogurt

    How much cholesterol is recommended per day?

    DEAR PEGGY: The recipes that you publish show nutritional values and I’m especially interested in cholesterol values. How much cholesterol

    Instant Brown Rice vs. Long Grain Brown Rice

    DEAR PEGGY: Is there a nutritional difference between instant brown rice and long grain brown rice? —N.W., New Hope, Minnesota

    How do you increase “good” cholesterol?

    DEAR PEGGY: My son-in-law has just been told that his “good” cholesterol is quite low. How can he improve it?

    Cranberry Juice vs. Cranberry Cocktail

    DEAR PEGGY: What are the nutritional differences between cranberry juice cocktail and 100% cranberry juice? —L.E., Colorado Springs, Colorado On