Taste of Home Recipe Box

Get the most out of your FREE Taste of Home recipe box by learning how to use it’s many helpful features.

It’s easy to use your Taste of Home recipe box—just join the site and start saving all your favorite recipes today! You can organize your recipes into folders, customize recipes with personal notes and share recipes with friends via email, Facebook and Pinterest.
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8 easy tips for using your Taste of Home recipe box:

  1. Create Folders
  2. Add & Remove Recipes from Folders
  3. Delete Folders
  4. Add Personal Notes to Recipes
  5. Add Personal Recipes to Your Recipe Box
  6. Rate Recipes
  7. Share Recipes with Friends
  8. Add Recipes from Around the Web

1. Make Folders

Organizing your recipes in folders is a snap—just click on the Create New Folder link under My Tools in the sidebar. We’ve started you off with a few of our favorite categories, but feel free to rename, delete or add your own!

2. Add & Remove Recipes from Folders

To help keep your recipes organized, add or remove them from folders. Just expand the Options toolbar under the recipe you want to categorize and select Add to Folder or Remove. You can also see what folders a recipe is currently categorized under next to the recipe image.

3. Delete Folders

If you want to remove a folder, simply click the x next to the folder name under My Folders.

Anytime you delete a folder you will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the folder; you will also have the option to completely remove the recipes in that folder from your recipe box.

4. Add Personal Notes

Did you swap out ingredients in a recipe? Get rave reviews at a potluck? Add a personal note to the recipe for all the things you did to make the recipe your own! Simply click Add Note from the Options toolbar under the recipe.

An entry field will pop up for you to add your recipe notes. Click Save when you have completed adding comments. Any notes you add will only appear in your recipe box.

5. Add Personal Recipes

Have your own favorite recipes or a recipe from a friend that you want to keep organized? It’s simple to add your personal recipes to your recipe box by clicking on the Add Personal Recipe link under My Tools and filling out the form.

You can add everything from the quantity the recipe served to images of your recipe…and even submit the recipe to Taste of Home for publication!

6. Rate Recipes

Tried a new recipe or found an old favorite on tasteofhome.com? Rate and review it to tell others what you thought by clicking the Rate This Recipe link next to each recipe. The average star rating from your personal rating and other members’ ratings can be seen on each recipe in your recipe box.

7. Share Your Favorite Recipes

Don’t keep your favorites to yourself! Click Email or Share from the Options toolbar under each recipe to easily send the recipe to a friend or post the recipe on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+.

8. Add Recipes from Around the Web

Now you can save all your favorite recipes from any website in one recipe box! All you need to do is click the Add Website Recipe link under My Tools and copy and paste the recipe’s URL. We’ll pull in the recipe name and you select the photo you would like to use.

Ready to get started now that you know all the recipe box has to offer? Log in and visit your recipe box!