Kentucky Derby Recipes

These Kentucky Derby recipes are worthy of the winner’s circle! Pour yourself a mint julep, then flip through our appetizers, mains and desserts for a first-place party spread.

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The Kentucky Derby Is Going Virtual on Derby Day­—Here’s What We Know

Calling all beaus and belles! You can celebrate the Kentucky Derby from home on May 2.

We Made an Authentic Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Even if you can't make it to Churchill Downs for the Derby, be sure to celebrate in style. Put on...

30 Cocktails to Sip On While You Watch the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby bourbon drinks are all the rage this season, but we've got love for all kinds of cocktails.

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The Best Kentucky Derby Appetizers

Whether you're in it for the hats, the race or the food, the Kentucky Derby is an exciting event!

Hot Brown Turkey Casserole

If you've ever tried the Hot Brown Sandwich at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, you'll love this version. It...