Hanukkah Recipes

Light up the season with our favorite Hanukkah recipes and traditions to celebrate. Plus, learn how to master dishes like brisket, rugelach, latkes and more.

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100 Hanukkah Recipes to Celebrate the Season

From latkes to sufganiyot, brisket to kugel, these Hanukkah recipes are ready to brighten up each day of the Festival of Lights.

Potato Latkes

This potato latkes recipe is super tasty. For the ultimate crispiness, squeeze out all the liquid from the grated veggies...


Eggs lend to the richness of this traditional challah recipe. The attractive golden color and delicious flavor make it hard...

What is a Knish?

If you didn't grow up in New York, you've probably never had this traditional Jewish dish. What is a knish?

Chocolate Babka

I love this chocolate babka recipe. Even if it's slightly imperfect going into the oven, it turns out gorgeous. —Lisa...

The Jewish Brisket Recipe Everyone Should Learn How to Make

This Jewish brisket recipe is our go-to recipe for the holidays. Use our expert tips to create a perfectly moist,...