Summer Recipes

From barbecues to beach days, these summer recipes will help you create lasting memories. Check out our collection of summer salads, dinners, desserts and more.

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This bread comes from my Turkish heritage and they are commonly eaten for breakfast. You'll find them sold from street carts where the rings are hung on racks for display. They are not boiled like regular bagels, but dipped in molasses and sesame seeds which gives a chewy texture similar to the bagel we know and love. — Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho

Macau-Style Portuguese Chicken

This comforting golden curry recipe is one of the national dishes of my hometown, Macau. Since moving to Toronto, I...

Sopa Ajoblanco

This white gazpacho was a staple growing up; I remember slurping it directly from the bowl. It's made from stale...