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8 Easy Instant Pot Baby Food Recipes

Feeding your baby healthy meals has never been easier. Learn how to use a pressure cooker to turn fruits and veggies into nutritious Instant Pot baby food.

The Shocking Reason Why You Need to Deep-Clean Your Instant Pot ASAP

You won't believe what could be growing in your Instant Pot if you don't regularly clean this part...

How to Clean a Burnt Food from a Pressure Cooker

Learn how to clean a pressure cooker and say buh-bye to burnt-on crud.

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How to Clean an Instant Pot So You Can Use It for Years to Come

Cleaning an Instant Pot is easier than you think! Here's how to clean an Instant Pot, including how often you...

Is This Appliance the New Instant Pot?

It seems like there's a new gadget looking to take the slow cooker's throne every week! Find out what separates...

Here’s How to Make *Any* Recipe Work With Your Instant Pot

Learn how to convert (almost) any recipe.

Some Instant Pot Models are Overheating and Melting. Check If Yours Is Safe to Use.

Instant Pot is reporting that a few of its models can overheat. Most are 100% safe to use, but double...

Is the Instant Pot Saute Function Too Good to Be True? We Tested It to Find Out.

We love the Instant Pot for slow cooking and pressure cooking, but what about that saute button? Our Test Kitchen...

Turn Your Slow-Cooker Recipes into Instant Pot Hits

Want to convert your favorite slow cooker recipes into Instant Pot ones? All you need to do is follow these...