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Here’s How to Get Your Slow Cooker to Clean Itself

Your slow cooker has a talent that goes way beyond making a cozy winter meal: It can clean itself! A couple of quick steps is all it takes for this trick.

Here’s How to Clean a Slow Cooker

Since the slow cooker is a home cook's best friend, you should know how to clean it. Below, we offer...

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Away Your Slow Cooker in the Summer

There are plenty of reasons to slow-cook your way through June, July and August.

This Slow Cooker Meal Plan Lets You Cook Once, and Eat All Week

Want your slow cooker to help out with meal planning? We'll show you the way with a big batch of...

Small Slow Cookers Perfect for Two

Smaller slow cookers are handy appliances that are perfectly suited for preparing downsized recipes.