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The 10 Best Ways to Clean Your House to Avoid Getting Sick

These cleaning tricks will help stop the spread of germs when someone is sick.

The Best Allergy-Friendly Snacks You Can Buy

These treats were designed with allergies in mind.

15 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Finding healthy snack ideas for kids doesn't have to be tougher than your fifth grader's math homework. We've got you...

The 20 Healthiest Foods for Kids, According to a Nutritionist

The top healthy foods for kids—as picked by a pro!

The 8 Healthiest (and 8 Unhealthiest) Foods at Costco

Costco's a great spot to shop for food, but some of their food options are definitely better for you than...

14 Organic Foods Nutritionists Don’t Bother Buying

Eating organic is great in theory, but it can add up quickly. The experts reveal smart ways to save your...

11 Healthy Frozen Foods for Kids

We all know it's a struggle to feed kids a healthy meal—especially when you're in a time crunch. These healthy...

19 Food Staples Healthy People Always Stock in the Pantry

Stock your cupboard with these healthy foods to eat that are perfect for long-term storage and a speedy meal.

The Symptoms and Causes of Food Poisoning Every Parent Should Know

Your child isn't himself today; was it something he ate? A registered nurse explains the earliest signs of food poisoning,...

8 Healthy Habits Dietitians Teach to Their Family

My mom, a registered dietitian, gave me advice on how to eat well and exercise—advice I still follow today.

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

This season, “cleaning” is about more than just tidying up your house.

7 Best Tips for Mastering the Mediterranean Diet

Thinking about giving the Mediterranean Diet a try? Here's how to get started—and succeed—on this popular diet plan.

How To Pick The Freshest Produce So You Can Eat Healthy This New Year

Make sure your next produce run is the best it can be with these helpful tips.

15 Healthiest Snacks You Can Buy at Walmart

Walmart now offers a big selection of organic, gluten-free, non-GMO foods. Next time you’re there, fill your cart with these...

Wire Grill Brushes Can Be Dangerous. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Keeping your grill clean is crucial for amazing results, but experts recommend that you trade your wire brush for another...

10 Healthy Foods to Buy at Aldi, According to a Dietitian

Beyond great deals, Aldi's healthy food offerings are continually expanding. It's an excellent place to find quality produce, organics and...

7 Healthy Eating Tips for When You’re Traveling

We all want to enjoy vacation, but it's easy to over-indulge. How can we balance splurging with good choices? We've...

10 Things Dietitians Never Say To Their Kids About Food

What we say to our kids can affect them more than we know. Help them build a positive relationship with...

10 Things Health Experts Always Buy at Trader Joe’s

You don't need to spend big to eat healthy. Here are some healthy ingredients dietitians remember to buy at Trader...

8 Tiny Things You Can Do in the Morning to Improve Your Day

Yes, you can be a morning person. (Really.)

14 Things Nutritionists Always Do at the Grocery Store (That You Might Not)

Looking to revamp your grocery store game plan? Take these tips for a healthy food list from registered dietitians on...

10 Secrets for Shopping Healthier at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be a dietary minefield. Be sure to head in with these great pointers.

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How to Protect Your Family from E. Coli

If news of an E. coli outbreak has you feeling anxious, you're not alone. Learn more about it and find...

Tiny Changes That Can Help Boost Your Metabolism

Losing weight is no easy feat. But if you apply these small changes to your everyday life, those pounds will...

8 Healthy Habits Dietitians Teach to Their Family

My mom, a registered dietitian, gave me advice on how to eat well and exercise—advice I still follow today.

8 Ways to Think Skinny at the Grocery Store

Supermarkets are a minefield of bad food choices (hello, giant barrel of cheese balls). Here's how to be smart at...

Here’s How Smelling Your Food Can Make You Gain Weight, According to a Study

The delectable smell of that freshly cooked roast dinner wafts across the room and you take a deep satisfying breath...

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How Real People Lost Weight on the Whole30—and Changed Their Lives

If you've ever heard of Whole30, you've probably heard about how limiting of a diet it is. But for those...