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The Easy Baked Potato Bar Your Weeknight Needs

We're breaking down how to make a baked potato bar that your family will eat right up: from how to make the best baked potato to our all-time favorite toppings.

Is It Food-Safe to Skip the Plastic Produce Bags at the Supermarket?

Going plastic-free might be environmentally friendly, but grocery stores have a dirty secret. Luckily, the solution is sustainable—and sanitary.

How to Grill Vegetables Perfectly

The best way to cook vegetables is on the grill—especially once the weather starts to warm up. You might be...

How To Pick The Freshest Produce So You Can Eat Healthy This New Year

Make sure your next produce run is the best it can be with these helpful tips.

6 Cucumber Varieties and How to Use Them

Cucumbers are a deliciously refreshing veggie that tastes amazing in salads, gazpachos and all on their own. Here are some...

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How to Pick the Best Sweet Corn

Picking the freshest corn at a grocery store or farmer's stand might be even easier than you'd think.

Broccoli May Help Prevent Cancer—But Only If You Prepare It Like This

Broccoli is already a super nutrient-dense veggie, but new research shows that it may help prevent cancer when prepared in...

21 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

This ancient remedy is unbelievably versatile and good for your body—both inside and out!

14 Pointers for Perfect Potatoes

Baked or fried, boiled or mashed, potatoes are a true comfort food. Here are tips for making your favorite potato...

How much fiber does an avocado really have?

Dear Peggy: I read a lot of nutrition articles and have a question about the fiber listed for avocado from