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12 Essential Tips that Make Traveling with Food So Much Easier

Keep your potluck dishes safe and sound with these genius tips for traveling with food.

The Most Common Types of Grills, Explained

In the market for a new grill? We're cookin' up some recommendations for the most popular types of grills.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Buying Vanilla

The type of vanilla you buy can have a big impact on your cooking. Learn all about vanilla extract ingredients...

Are You Making This Mistake With Your Kids’ Chicken Nuggets?

You know—and love—frozen chicken nuggets as a convenient dinner for the kids. Just be sure you're making 'em the right...

Here’s Why Expiration Dates Don’t Matter As Much as You Think

Turns out, you’ve been throwing away perfectly good food.

Are You Choosing the Right Type of Shrimp for Your Recipes?

There are many types of shrimp available but not all are quite the same. Find out what shrimp—or prawns—are right...

The Best Fish to Buy Instead of Tuna, Halibut, Mahi Mahi and More

It doesn't matter what type of fish your recipe calls for—we know the best fish to substitute!

This Is Why Brown Eggs Are More Expensive Than White Eggs

Don't judge an egg by its shell color.

10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Oven

You probably hardly think about throwing a tray of frozen chicken into the oven or never cleaning the oven knobs—but...

Going On Vacation? Here’s How To Clear Out Your Fridge

Slash grocery spending before your trip with these simple tips.

8 Ways to Perk up Your Ice Cubes

Use our ice cube ideas to add a spark to your favorite drink with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables or...

10 Cooking Tools You Can Get Cheap at the Hardware Store

Find better quality cooking and entertaining items at the hardware store. Eschew the froufrou!

How to Pick the Best Green Beans

Here's what to look for when choosing the perfect green beans for a fresh summer potluck.

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How to Pick the Best Sweet Corn

Picking the freshest corn at a grocery store or farmer's stand might be even easier than you'd think.

This Sweet Amish Tradition is the Secret to Making Lifelong Friends

Learning how to make Amish friendship bread is easy. And sharing this unique treat with others is delightful!

9 Secrets for Keeping Cold Food Fresh All Day Long

Keeping your potluck salads, sides and fresh vegetables cold during a picnic can be tricky. Here's how to keep even...

How to Clean the “Dirty Dozen” Fruits and Vegetables

The "Dirty Dozen" refers to 12 fruits and vegetables most likely to be covered in pesticide residue. (Yuck!) Here's how...

8 Secrets to Making Hot and Crispy Grilled Pizza

Want to learn how to grill pizza? Follow these tips and you'll never order take-out again!

What’s the Best Type of Vanilla Extract?

Not all vanillas are created equal, but they are for the most part all equally delicious when used correctly. Here's...

What’s in Season? Our Favorite Summer Produce and How to Cook With It

Learn what's in season this summer. This guide will teach you what produce is at its peak—plus how to buy,...

9 Grilling Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Are you guilty of these common mistakes?

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Here’s How to Make a Smoker With Your Grill

Looking for a shortcut to smokey, authentic barbecue? We'll show you how to make a smoker out of your grill and...

9 Genius Things You Can Do to Keep Last Week’s Groceries Fresh

Don't let leftover ingredients go off just because you can't use them all at once.

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This Simple Trick Makes Baking in Bulk So Much Easier

No room for your fresh-baked goods to cool? This ingenious idea saves the day.

10 Reasons Why You Need Anchovies in Your Life

Make your friends and family puzzle over your secret ingredient. Go on. Give anchovies a try. You'll wonder how you...

How to Measure Without Measuring Cups

You can still cook when your measuring cup is nowhere to be found. Here's how to measure without measuring cups...

This Is Why We Always Put a Bay Leaf in Our Soup

Many recipes call for you to add a single bay leaf to soups or sauces, only to take it back...

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How to Reheat Pasta So It’s as Good as Day One

Kiss mushy, gluey pasta goodbye with our top tips for how to reheat your noodles.

This Is Why There Isn’t a Light in Your Freezer

It's time to finally shed some light on why our freezers are so dark.