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Make tidying up feel less like a chore with our best home and kitchen cleaning and organizing advice. We’ve rounded up tips and hacks to help your space feel fresh and new.

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9 Genius Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home You NEVER Thought Of

The never-ending battle against dust just got easier. Find out how to get rid of dust once and for all!

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The Best Kitchen Degreasers, According to Our Test Kitchen

Ever wonder how to remove burned-on food from your pans? It can seem impossible, but the best kitchen degreasers can...

This Genius Dryer Sheet Hack Will Easily Clean Your Burnt Pot—No Scrubbing Needed

The secret to getting pots and pans looking brand new is sitting right in your laundry room.

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The Best Cast Iron Scrubbers, According to Our Test Kitchen

When your cast-iron pans need some heavy-duty cleaning, reach for one of these cast iron scrubbers to remove cooked-on food...

14 Laundry Myths That Are Ruining Your Clothes

Your clothes and appliances will thank you!

8 Ways to Use Baking Soda in the Laundry Room

Want a cheap ingredient for whitening and brightening laundry, and eliminating odors and stains? Turn to good old reliable baking...

10 Products That Can Clean Your Cast Iron—Fast!

Your cast iron can last for over 100 years—if you treat it right. To help save your skillet, we've rounded...

The Surprising Ways You Never Thought to Clean Cast Iron

Persistent food bits stand no chance against these super effective tricks. Here's how to really clean cast iron.

Is a Dyson Vacuum Really Worth the Money? We Tested One to Find Out.

Seriously, this thing costs as much as my rent.

How to Get Grease Off Walls in Your Kitchen

Fighting kitchen grease can sometimes feel like a losing battle (especially when it comes to bacon), but it is possible....

12 Products That’ll Clean Your House in Less Than an Hour

Hate scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming? You’re in the right place. These smart inventions will cut cleaning time by doing the...

13 Cleaning Products You Shouldn’t Use on Your Wood Floors

They’re gorgeous—and easy to ruin. Avoid these damaging mistakes and find out what you really need to keep your wood...

7 Uses for Laundry Detergent You Never Thought Of

Laundry detergent is a powerful cleaning agent that can do a lot more than just clean your clothes! Check out...

The Ultimate Room-by-Room Fall Cleaning Checklist

It's been a long summer of damp beach towels, grass stains and kids' messes—so it's time to clean up the...

20+ Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Did you know you can clean a cheese grater with lemon? How about using ice to freshen the garbage disposal?...

13 Simple House Cleaning Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

House cleaners share the cleaning secrets they use to keep your house spic and span.

6 Things Everyone Who Owns a Swiffer Needs to Know

Chances are you know how to use a Swiffer—but did you know about these useful hacks?

10 Ways You Never Thought to Use a Kitchen Sponge

Your kitchen sponge can do a lot more than scrub a dish! Here are surprising ways to use kitchen sponges...

How to Clean a Coffee Mug and Ditch Those Stains

Don't love the dark rings in your coffee cups? Learn how to clean a coffee mug with stain-fighting secrets that...

Your Dishwasher Tablets Can Actually Clean Your Oven—Here’s How

It turns out, dishwasher tablets are tough on grease and grime all over the kitchen!

10 Bad Housekeeping Habits You Should Stop Doing

Are you guilty of these housekeeping mistakes?

You’ll Never Clean Your Oven the Same After This TikTok Hack

This magic formula will leave your oven sparkling clean!

How to Clean a Bird Feeder

Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining feeders to keep your backyard birds healthy in every season.

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Clean Your Dirty Laundry Detergent Cup with This Genius Trick

Cleaning a dirty laundry detergent cup is unbelievably simple.

If You Don’t Clean Your Dog’s Leash, This Will Convince You to Start

It turns out, your dog's leash may be dirtier than you expect. Don't worry, these expert tips will have your...

We Tried 4 Methods for Cleaning Baking Sheets and Found the Best

Embarrassed by your grimy baking sheets? You can clean 'em up. To help, we put four popular cleaning methods to...

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Kitchen Countertops

There are a lot of options when it comes to maintaining kitchen countertops. Here are some things to avoid if...

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How to Clean Your Grill for Perfect Barbecues

It doesn't matter if you prefer gas or charcoal; we'll explain how to clean a grill from top to bottom.

15 Vintage Cleaning Tips That Are Still Brilliant Today

When it comes to cleaning, Grandma still knows best. Here are some of the best tried-and-true vintage cleaning tips we’re...