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Make tidying up feel less like a chore with our best home and kitchen cleaning and organizing advice. We’ve rounded up tips and hacks to help your space feel fresh and new.

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    How to Clean Your Grill for Perfect Barbecues

    It doesn't matter if you prefer gas or charcoal; we'll explain how to clean a grill from top to bottom.

    15 Vintage Cleaning Tips That Are Still Brilliant Today

    When it comes to cleaning, Grandma still knows best. Here are some of the best tried-and-true vintage cleaning tips we’re...

    20 Common Household Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

    Ignorance isn’t always bliss. These cleaning product combinations can be deadly.

    9 Spring Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making

    Ready or not, here comes spring cleaning. Stay ahead of your to-do list and avoid these common cleaning mistakes.

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    20 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Free up So Much Space

    Kitchens can collect a lot of clutter. Save space (and a little sanity) with these storage and organization ideas.

    Why You Shouldn’t Wash a Hot Pan in Cold Water

    Turn off the cold water! Hot pans need some time before they can take a soapy bath. Here's why.

    How to Keep Your Towels Fluffy and Fresh

    Never reach for a stinky, scratchy towel again. That'll be a thing of the past when you use these simple...

    How to Make Homemade Dryer Sheets with Stuff You Already Have

    Keep disposable dryer sheets out of landfills with these tips!

    Why Do Plastic Containers Never Dry in the Dishwasher?

    Putting the dishes away is enough of a pain, having to hand dry your plastic ware makes the task even...

    What Is Cleaning Vinegar, and How Do I Use It?

    Find out why cleaning vinegar is better than white vinegar for household chores.

    What to Know About Robot Vacuums

    Robot vacuums are perfect for anyone who wants to spend less time vacuuming. (That’s all of us, right?)

    How to Clean a Dutch Oven the Right Way

    Learn how to clean a Dutch oven the right way, so that your favorite pot will last a lifetime!

    5 Things You Should Dry Clean and 5 Things You Shouldn’t

    From that delicate silk blouse to your favorite pair of jeans—find out which items to take to the cleaners and...

    How To Make Toilet Cleaning Bombs

    We’ve seen recipes for DIY toilet-cleaning bombs all over the Internet lately. So, naturally, The Family Handyman had to give...

    11 Ideas for Organizing Your Basement

    Whether you use your lower level for storage only or also as a living space, here are some ideas for...

    5 Tricks for People Who Don’t Like Folding Laundry

    Ready to fall in love with folding laundry? We have simple tips to make the chore faster, easier and even...

    8 Unexpected Ways to Clean with Ketchup

    Cleaning with ketchup? Yup. Not your white dress shirts, of course. But ketchup will make easy work out of cleaning...

    Where’s My Washing Machine Filter and Do I Really Need to Clean It?

    Make sure your washing machine is operating at 100 percent with this little-known maintenance tip.

    5 Cleaning Tricks for People Who Don’t Like Washing Dishes

    Washing dishes doesn't have to be a dreaded chore—make the task a little easier with these quick tips.

    Most Popular Cleaning and Organizing Products in 2019

    These cleaning and storage products won't disappoint!

    7 Natural Ways to Freshen Any Room

    Ditch the chemicals and use a natural air freshener to get rid of stinky smells.

    How to Get the Baked-On Stains off Your Pyrex

    Are your Pyrex baking dishes looking a little worse for wear? We'll show you how to clean Pyrex to make...

    18 Cleaning Products Professional House Cleaners Always Buy

    We asked the professionals what cleaning must-haves they swear by to keep every room in your home sparkling.

    8 Clever Solutions for the Most Annoying Window Cleaning Problems

    Washing windows is a tiresome chore, especially when it seems like they never get totally clean.

    16 Genius Cleaning Hacks You’ll Want to Steal from Professional House Cleaners

    You'll have your house spick-and-span in no time by following these tips.

    10 Cleaning Myths You Need to Stop Believing—and What to Do Instead

    Here’s what you need to stop doing ASAP if you want your home to get really clean.