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Let the sunshine in with our favorite outdoor living ideas, including ways to decorate your patio and easy grilling tips and guides to host the best backyard parties.

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    The Best Wines for Your BBQ, According to a Sommelier

    Wondering what to serve with your summer BBQ? Taste of Home's sommelier offers delicious pairing recommendations for classic barbecue recipes.

    The Difference Between Barbecuing and Grilling

    Though most cooks tend to think of "barbecuing" and "grilling" as the same thing, the two cooking methods are different....

    6 Proven Ways to Attract Cardinals

    Attract more cardinals to your backyard by growing plants with the berries and seeds they love to eat and shrubs...

    When Is the Best Time to Water Plants?

    Water sustains not only us but our gardens too. Make sure to water your garden efficiently and effectively, starting at...

    The ‘Wee Bit Giddy’ Hydrangea Is the GORGEOUS Flower Missing from Your Garden

    'Wee Bit Giddy' is a new color-changing hydrangea that will bring all kinds of beauty to your landscape.

    9 Household Items You Should Repurpose in the Garden

    Clean out your closets and repurpose your old or extra household items as helpful, thrifty materials in your flower and...

    12 Regional Barbecue Sauce Styles All Grill Masters Should Know

    Some barbecue sauces are tangy and sweet, while others are thick and spicy. Here's what you need to know about...

    How to Care for Hydrangeas: 7 Things You Need to Know

    Here's a closer look at how to care for hydrangeas, including tips on where and how to plant them.

    13 Camping Mistakes Most First-Timers Make

    Wait! Before you embark on an adventure in the great outdoors, follow this expert advice to avoid the newbie camping...

    10 Easy Ways to Keep Backyard Pests Away This Summer

    Summertime and the living is...not so easy. At least it's not so easy when you have insect problems. Send these...

    8 Genius Ways to Use Dryer Lint in Your Backyard and Garden

    Dryer lint should be collected after each load of laundry to prevent a fire hazard. Here are some good uses...

    15 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Lawn

    Whether you have a green thumb or not, it’s easy to maintain a blissful, barefoot-worthy backyard.

    11 Things to Do in August to Get Your Garden Ready for Fall

    Get your garden ready for fall with these quick tips.

    9 of the Best-Smelling Flowers That Belong in Your Garden

    This fragrant mix of annuals and perennials will help you find the best smelling flowers for your garden.

    The Best Tailgate Grill for Your Cookout

    You'll be the MVP of game day when you show up to the party with the best tailgate grill in...

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    How Heat and Humidity Impact Outdoor Plants

    If your garden is struggling in high heat or humidity, you may need to consider your plant selection and whether...

    How to Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds

    You can prevent dogs from rooting around in your flower beds by employing one of the following methods for how...

    8 Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

    Want to see energetic little hummingbirds zipping through your garden? These nectar-rich blooms will keep them buzzing back for more.

    How to Create the Ultimate Hummingbird Habitat in Your Backyard

    The key to the tiny flier’s heart is through its stomach. Make your backyard a sugar-water hot spot with these...

    Here’s Why Some People Get Bit More by Mosquitos Than Others

    Constantly swarmed by mosquitoes? Here's why.

    The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Garden Containers

    Check out these seven tips for a thriving small-space garden from the National Garden Bureau.

    Top 10 Colorful Flowers Hummingbirds Love

    Hummingbirds flock to blooms in every color of the rainbow. Turn your garden into a hummingbird haven with flowers such...

    12 Invasive Plants That Might Be Hiding In Your Yard

    Stop invasive plants in their tracks. We'll show you how to remove common varieties from your yard.

    How to Get Rid of the 10 Worst Garden Insects

    As if weeds and weird weather weren't bad enough, gardeners also have to face insect pests. Here's a look at...

    The Best Tabletop Grill, According to Our Test Kitchen

    With our pick for the best tabletop grill, you'll be able to whip up burgers and steaks on your patio,...

    10 Must-Have Grilling Cookbooks for Backyard Cooks

    This roundup of barbecue and grilling cookbooks will help you master the art of cooking outdoors. Elizabeth Karmel, founder of...

    6 Meals You Can Cook Entirely on the Grill

    Don't heat up the house! Cook your entire meal outside on the grill—including appetizers, side dishes, the main event and...