Add some spice to your life with these quick, authentic and easy Indian recipes, including a variety of vegan and vegetarian offerings.

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    33 Indian Main Dishes You’ll Love to Make

    We all have our favorite Indian main dishes—but how much food from the subcontinent have you really sampled? Check out this food tour of the country, with some tried-and-true classics plus brand-new flavors.

    The Indian Bread Types You Need to Know

    Indian cuisine is known for its leavened and unleavened flatbread. Here are Indian bread types that are quite popular across...

    15 Essential Indian Cooking Tools for Your Kitchen

    Build a starter kit of Indian cooking tools that will help you make authentic Indian dishes. Your homemade food will...

    14 Indian Dessert Recipes You’ve Never Made Before

    Full of aromatic spices, topped with pistachios or soaked in rose syrup, these traditional Indian dessert recipes will light up...

    26 Essential Indian Spices and Herbs

    The fragrant spices below are an integral part of everyday Indian cooking. Of course, there are many more herbs and...

    How to Make (and Use!) Garam Masala

    This easy garam masala recipe will bring out the best aromas and flavors in your Indian dishes. You can have...

    Tandoori Masala Chicken Sandwiches

    This recipe combines spices from my Indian roots with a modern twist. If you want to add some extra heat...

    Indian Rice and Carrot Pudding

    This Indian carrot pudding recipe is rich in flavor and very easy to prepare. —Daljeet Singh, Coral Springs, Florida

    Indian-Spiced Tilapia Sticks

    These flavorful Indian-spiced fish sticks please my whole family. Serve them with the creamy dipping sauce. —Jessie Grearson, Falmouth, Maine