Spanish Recipes

We love Spanish recipes like paella and gazpacho. Our home cooks share plenty of Spanish dishes and desserts for you to make—and eat!

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How to Make Beef Empanadas

Our Chilean-inspired beef empanada recipe is a great place to start when learning how to make beef empanadas. We’ll show you how to crimp and seal the dough and how to keep your empanadas from falling apart, with plenty of tips for other fillings and flavors. 

Macau-Style Portuguese Chicken

This comforting golden curry recipe is one of the national dishes of my hometown, Macau. Since moving to Toronto, I...

Sopa Ajoblanco

This white gazpacho was a staple growing up; I remember slurping it directly from the bowl. It's made from stale...

How to Make Basque Cheesecake

Cracked, dented and burnt to perfection, Basque cheesecake isn't your average cheesecake.