Hot Tea Recipes

Warm your bones with a cuppa! Any of these hot tea recipes, including spice tea and herbal tea recipes, are sure to do the trick.

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    Ginger Tea Drink

    Looking for something new and special to serve to guests? Let a soothing green tea simmer while you concentrate on preparing other dishes for your gathering. You'll ge lots of requests for the recipe. —Alexandra Marcotty, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    Hot Buttered Rum Mix

    9 reviews

    I offered this comforting, hot drink to guests at one of my Bunco gatherings. Everyone wanted the recipe. I like...

    Vanilla Almond Hot Cocoa

    19 reviews

    Treat your family to this comforting, homemade cocoa as you decorate the tree or open holiday gifts. Vanilla and almond...

    Honey Coffee

    9 reviews

    For a quick pick-me-up, sip this pleasantly sweet coffee, inspired by the taste of a traditional Spanish latte.—Taste of Home...

    Pumpkin Pie Latte

    32 reviews

    Enjoy this espresso drink during the holidays or all year round! With just the right amount of spice, it tastes...

    Slow-Cooked Apple Cranberry Cider

    1 review

    Buffets are my favorite way to feed a crowd. This fruity cider can be made ahead, then kept warm in...

    Lemon Thyme Green Tea

    Fresh sprigs of lemon thyme make this citrusy tea so refreshing—it’s like sipping summer from a cup. My family and...

    Hot Cider Punch

    1 review

    My hot fruit punch has been a family fave since 1993—hard to believe that we’ve loved it for 20 years!...

    Frothy Cafe Bombon

    I discovered this layered java beverage during my honeymoon in Spain. —Keri Hesemann, St. Charles, Missouri

    Chilly-Day Hot Cocoa Mix

    1 review

    This easy-to-assemble gift is perfect for teachers, friends and neighbors. —Marie Wiersma, St. Johns, Michigan

    Spiced Apple-Grape Juice

    Round out any brunch with this spiced apple drink. Seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and allspice, it will wrap your guests...

    Hot Spiced Wine

    3 reviews

    My friends, family and I enjoy this spiced wine during cold-winter gatherings. This warm drink will be a special treat...

    Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Mix

    9 reviews

    When our children left for college, they each insisted on taking a large container of this cinnamon-y cocoa mix with...

    Peachy Spiced Cider

    2 reviews

    Welcome guests with the inviting aroma of this warm beverage. I served this spiced cider at a cookie exchange and...

    Hot Almond N Cream Drink

    5 reviews

    Just a few sips of this drink, with its rich almond flavor, will warm you up in a hurry. I'm...

    Maple Hot Chocolate

    5 reviews

    When I first developed this version of hot chocolate, my husband was quite skeptical. But after one taste, his doubts...

    Holiday Wassail

    2 reviews

    Nothing tastes like Christmas quite like a cup of this warm wassail. —Lucy Meyring, Walden, Colorado

    Creamy Hot White Chocolate

    2 reviews

    We enjoy this hot beverage all year long, but especially around the holidays. It's a tasty change of pace from...

    Sweet Citrus Iced Tea

    4 reviews

    My family has been making iced tea this way ever since I was a child. When I recently prepared it...

    Spicy Cranberry Drink

    Red-hot candies add a little spice to this rosy beverage that's perfect for holiday buffets or winter potlucks. Serve it...

    Hot Spiced Cider

    6 reviews

    Next time you're entertaining, stir up a batch of this nicely spiced apple cider. The wonderful aroma will make your...

    Mexican Mocha Mix

    This mix of coffee and cocoa is a wonderful alternative to traditional hot chocolate. —Maria Regakis, Somerville, Massachusetts

    Iced Raspberry Tea

    21 reviews

    Frozen raspberries lend fruity flavor and lovely color to this pretty iced tea that's good throughout the year. The recipe...

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate

    3 reviews

    More than a hint of cool mint makes this delicious sipper a special switch from traditional hot chocolate. Besides the...

    Hot Cider with Orange Twists

    2 reviews

    I first tasted a steaming mug of this comforting beverage on a frigid evening. It's still a family favorite on...

    Spiced Coffee

    2 reviews

    I’ve found that those who aren’t necessarily coffee fans often change their tune when they get a whiff of this...

    Raspberry Hot Cocoa

    1 review

    Garnished with whipped cream, chocolate curls and raspberry-flavored marshmallows, this cool-weather favorite goes from everyday to extra-special. —Andrew McDowell, Lake...