Biscuit Recipes

Having a go-to biscuit recipe is essential in any kitchen. Try our takes on drop biscuits, buttermilk biscuits and Southern biscuit recipes.

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Ham and Cheese Biscuits

These specially stuffed biscuits are a must throughout the year. I get asked to make them for school parties, bridal luncheons and holiday get-togethers.

Canadian Bacon and Cheese Biscuits

My husband and I own and operate a fishing lodge here in northwestern Ontario. We're always looking for new sandwiches...

Swiss Onion Drop Biscuits

In Hebron, Indiana, Edna Hoffman stirs up a big batch of these tender drop biscuits made with whole wheat flour....

Ham and Swiss Biscuits

2 reviews

"These can be made ahead and frozen. To heat them up, place on an ungreased baking sheet in a 375°...