Angel Food Cake Recipes

Bake up the perfect angel food cake recipe with the help of our Test Kitchen. Our pros can walk you through how to make a classic angel food cake, which pans to use and how to make it look amazing.

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Grilled Angel Food Cake with Fruit Salsa

3 reviews

When I need dessert fast, I go with angel food cake. Mix fruit salsa ahead of time, and pop the cake on the grill. —Glorimar Jimenez, Indianapolis, Indiana

July Fourth Angel Food Cake

Beat the summer heat with this light and refreshing dessert. No one will be able to resist sweet raspberries and...

Rainbow Angel Food Cake

"This colorful dessert reminds me of Dorothy singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'," relates subscriber Pat Habiger, who notes that one...

Berried Treasure Angel Food Cake

3 reviews

My husband grills anything and everything—even dessert! With his gentle nudging, I came up with this simple recipe that takes...

Angel Berry Tunnel Cake

2 reviews

This tasty cake is a light favorite for summer. To save time, I rely on a purchased angel food cake...

Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake

38 reviews

My daughter can't have gluten, and my husband is diabetic, so there are a lot of special recipes at our...

Contest-Winning Brown Sugar Angel Food Cake

Brown sugar makes this moist, tender angel food cake delicious and different. Chunks of chopped toffee give its fluffy frosting...

Angel Food Cake with Berry Sauce

12 reviews

We top light and airy angel food cake with a lovely berry sauce for a heavenly dessert. The sauce can...